Friday, July 2, 2010

Build Me an Army Worthy of Mordor

Now say it in your best Sauron voice :)

This is my current project, an Isengard War of the Ring army. I have the first 1000pts all finished and played my first game with the fully painted army the other night. After hacking through 320 Moria Goblins the mighty Fighting Uruk-Hai stood battered but victorius!

Currently the forces of the White Hand consist of;
  • Sauruman of the Many Colours
  • I cant belive its not Thyrdon (stand in Uruk, no weak men in my army!)
  • 3 Companies of Uruk Hai with Swords and Shields
  • 3 more Companies of Uruks as above
  • 3 Companies of Uruk Hai with Crossbows and led by a Captain
  • 4 Companies of Urak Hai Scouts with Bows
  • 1 Company of Beserkers
  • Isengard Troll

The models are all bog standard and not converted (which is a change for me!) and as I will never play the Battle game I have decided to model the mins staight onto custom MDF bases. I will be making modelled counters for casualties but at the moment I just use glass stone things.

They are painted pretty fast with an undercoat stage, base colours, Devlen Mud wash, and highlights. I have used a mix of White Hand symbols and S -runes for the markings.

I have textured the bases with Sellys No More gaps and sand, kitty litter and bark (for the rock outcrops) Its then flocked with a mix of GaleForce9 Summer, Winter and Autumn flocks and small clumps of Foliage.

Its heaps of fun to use and I am currently painting up the extra companies to take it to 1500pts

Welcome to the Madness...

Hi Folks and welcome to my Blog on Wargaming, Painting, Modelling and all things gaming related.

I am a prolific (some would say mad) Painter and Modeller of Wargames Armies. I love to game too but dont tend to get out as much as I would like. I have been gaming and building my "man barbies" for about 15 years now so I have picked up a few tricks on the way. This Blog will be a way for me to help share my creations and I hope that my fellow gamers can take something to help them with their dollies too.

Its also a great way for me to keep track of things myself. I have a slew of posts spread across multiple forums with the various army projects I have started and (sometimes) finished. I will re-shooting the armies I have finished and posting them here so I can have a photo record of them in one place. I will also try and find pictures of my previous work which has been sold on and the various commisions I have done as well.

I am looking forward to this, I hope you like the ride too. :)