Monday, May 27, 2013

Tomorrows War: Combat Robot

Hey Folks,

I borrowed Tomorrow's War (the Scifi version of Force on Force) awhile ago and thought the rules were pretty cool. More Mil Scifi then Fantasy with guns (aka 40k) it really appeals. 

I've been knocking up some scratch built combat robots for the system and below is my latest creation, the "Pacifier m2043"
I have a big gun (some sort of light support pulse laser)

WIP shot. It's made mainly from a GW Necron legs and arms, a Robogear Infantry torso (inverted) and helmet (reversed) and a mix of GW Tau bits for the gun.  I like that the limbs are too long and set lowered them normal as I wanted it to look inhuman. 

Next up 4 more of these and a UAV.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Force on Force: Battle Report: Kiwi SAS vs Insurgents

Hey Folks,

The other night I played my first game of Force on Force in a while. It was a pick up game on Andys super cool new printed terrain (he's printed everything, even the baseboard and it looks amazing! It's more scifi but all good for a third world zone as well) 

My Kiwis were D10 troop quality and D10 morale and rolled on the advanced medical table so were pretty damn tough. 

Andys Insurgents were D8/D8 so pretty good as far as insurgents go but quite weak as they died on anything but a "6" for the casualty role.

The 2*4 board. I have a three man team in full armour investigating the crashed police Van...

"No sign of the prisoner or guards - it looks like the insurgents hit the van and have freed their buddies"
"Contact!" - Insurgents with an RPG and PKM open up on the squad by the van and cause light wounds on them
A UAV- eye view of MORE insurgents moving to close the trap...
Meanwhile a SAS squad moves up to cover the Van
The Squad by the Van are pinned down and are badly injured but not out. The other SAS squad moves up to cover the. While the Sniper Team cover the approach and start to lay down hideously effective fire...
"Surprise!" an insurgent squad appear in the building across the road and hose the SAS squad by the containers knocking them all's not looking good...

Until some lucky Medical Table roles later and the support of the the other SAs squad on the bushes blows them all away.
In the end I had nailed 3 of Andys squads (out of 4) and while my Sniper team and the team by the Van were pinned in place and badly injured nobody had actually died yet so Andy would have had a tough time of it to try take the Van.

Cheers for the Game Andy! You needed maybe another squad (or Regulars!) or I needed one less said but it was still cool.

Terrain is AWESOME too!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Force on Force: Kiwi SAS

Hey Folks,

A few models I traded from Andy, these were part painted so I finished them off and based them today. Been fun figuring out how to shade Maori skin tone.

This is a ten man Kiwi SAS Patrol on Afghanistan, broken down to two 4 man fire teams (each with a SAW and a few grenade launchers) and 2 man Sniper Team.

I also have a 3 Man fire team in full chat armour, they are generic troops at the moment but I might paint them up as Canadians or something :)

I also picked up from Andy a really cool 1/48 scale Apache, I need to convert this up to be a British Apache at some point!

And finally no, my squad leaders name is not Willie! (Though he is Maori!)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Impetus: Takeda Samurai Cavalry

Hey Folks,

I've Finally finished the first Cavalry Unit for the Samurai, Makasage and his Hatamoto on horse with foot Samurai retainers.

This means my first Command is done! Yay.

Next up a small break from the Samurai as I'm painting a Kzinti Fleet for Star Trek: A Call to Arms and I also have some Modern 28mm Kiwi SAS on the painting table.

After that its back into the Samurai with the larger Takeda command.