Saturday, August 30, 2014

Terrain: 1:48 Modern Civilian Vehicles

Hey Folks, 

Quick post about my latest find: cheap as plastic 1:48 scale plastic toy cars :)

These are cheap as (I paid $35 for all the vehicles except the Bus, which was $10) and are quite well detailed for the price. Hit with a light dusting of grey spraypaint, some brown ink wash and a quick and dirty dry brush they came up pretty nicely! 

Boom. Some modern vehicles for Moderns/ Zombies/ Post apoc or even Infinity. I also have this helicopter
Which I May Infinity up and convert or leave it for less Scifi games. 

You can by these at the warehouse in the Kids Toys isle NZ Peeps :) 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Infinity: Nomad Corregidor Jurisdictional Command

Hey Folks,

My latest "ooh shiney" project: Nomads from Infinity by Corvus Belli. 

Corregidor is one of the three ships that make up the Nomad nation. Descended from criminals they are the "muscle" and are sought after mercenaries as well as around hard bastards :)

Hanging around outside an old world school. Photos a bit average :(
Wildcat Link team. These guys and gals pack Combi Rifles and Light flamethrowers! Mean. I do need two more including some heavy weapons though. 
Intruder with Combi Rifle. This guy is spec ops and has Thermal Optic camo so you can't see him...until he "decloaks" and assainates you! (Think Ghost in the Shell, but no need to get naked lol) Could not resist painting a skull face on his mask :)
Aguciles Hacker. She is a light infantry trooper and I am looking to get enough Agucile to form another link team. Jamie and I went halves in the new Operation Ice Storm starter set for Infinity so I will get another three there. 
Hellcat Drop Trooper. She is also armed with a Combi Rifle and can drop into the enemy back field to raise some mayhem. 

I must say that Corvus Belli models are simply some of the nicest models I have ever painted. I really love the design as it's so close to Mass Effect. The paint scheme is inspired by Cerberus (one of ME's protagonists) 

I'm not sure on the basing though. I might replace with custom bases from somewhere.