Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bolt Action: 2nd IJA Jungle Fighter Squad

Hi Folks,

After an actual Family Holiday away with the Wife and Kids (something of a first for us as usually I have worked through Christmas) there was not a lot of time left for Hobby stuff.

I did however manage to get in a game of War of the Ring using Xelee's revised Noldor Elven army list which focuses on the forces of Rivendell.  I was facing the revised Men of Angmar which have also had teh revision hammer applied.  Overall the armies were quite balanced with some terrible luck on Jamie's part and some great luck on mine (go go pink dice :) ) resulting in a decisive win to the Elves. I was stoked as well as I also found 8 sweet High Elven Cohort Spearmen prior to the game I had forgotten I had, so now I have enough for four companies (32 models).

Today I finished the second squad for my Bolt Action Japanese army, for which the new PDF list is here: Bolt Action Japanese PDF

Now as BA is mostly same/ same the list has only a few variations, but one of them is that the Japanese can get bigger squads then most forces (7-15 men instead of 5-11)  which while cool means that my two small min sized squads dont work anymore as I lack the extra models for I bumped this squad to 8 men as well.

2nd Squad Up.

These guys are really stealth...

Totally stealth Type 99 LMG Gunner

Two squads down, One BIG squad and supports to go.

I am also about to be reading this:

So will see how it is but looks interesting s far as its form the Japanese perspective.

Looking forward to trying out the BA: Japanese later on this week maybe.