Saturday, June 29, 2013

Impetus: Battle Report: EIR Romans vs Palmyra

Hey Folks,

I have recently done some work on my 28mm EIR Romans that I have had for AGEs but haven't done slot with. A recent game vs Jamie's Eastern Romans was super fun but I relied heavily on Proxied Batavians - which isn't too ahistorical but I did want a more "Roman" feel to the army.  To this end I've finished 3 bases (our 8cm frontage) of Praetorians (inc a General) and another two Legion bases, including another General and the Legions Eagle. 

With my new reinforcements split into two commands we journeyed to somewhere in Syria, also known asAndy's place...
More of Andy's great terrain. 
The Legion marching in Collumn with their destination in sight...
But a horde of Arabic Horse, Camelry and Cataphracts (eek!) appear to our right flank, so Legionary General Cassius Orders line of Battle.
Arabs stream towards Cassius's position (that's him in the red cloak)...
Hordes of Archers supported by Horse Archers
More Arabs...supported by FOUR units of Cataphracts armed with Kontos and Mace
The Arabs advance cautiously...which has something to do with the Scorpion in the centre of the Roman line
The Roman Line advances en masse while the Arab light cavalry feigned forwards 
The Roman Cavalry holding the left wing is penned in by the walls of the town and the massed ranks of the legion. Arab horse Archers and Javeliners start to take a toll though the Romans "Mauri" light cavalry get a few solid (read lucky) hits on their opposing number - scattering them  
The battle lines continue to close...
The Praetorians Contatorium cavalry storms through a unit of skirmishing Createn archers suffering minor disorder...their Arab archer targets start to tremble...until deadly accurate enfilading fire from another Createn Archer unit almost wipes out the gallant Preatorian Cavalry who are quickly overwhelmed by the surprised Arab archers. The Shame!
Another rash Heavy Cavalry charge sees a Cataphract unit take on the entire Preatorian guard by itself...and somehow survive the halo of pilium and stabbing short swords to hold them in position 
The cattle is starting to break up into isolated combats...
And the Praetorians flank the Cataphracts but they STILL won't break!
Holding the Praetorians long enough for the Arab King and his Household to charge home. Once again pilium fly, Kontos reach in to be deflected by tall oval shields and short swords stab but the combat remains deadlocked. Preatorian General Lucius (not known for his martial ability) is somewhat concerned... 
As the Preatorians hold the Cataphracts General Cassius sees his chance and leads his legion into the teeth of the Arab Archers...
Routing them and breaking their command...which starts to see the disintegration of the Arab army...
The Arab King sees his right wing break and realises the day is lost. Being mostly mounted the Arabs fade away into the arid plains while the tired Roman forces lack sufficient Cavalry to mount a serious pursuit. General Cassius and General Lucius confer and move the troops into the town to recover...and fortify the defenses as the Arabs will be back...

Thanks for the game Andy, it's and interesting list and once you get all the elements working this will be a mincer!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Impetus: Roman Auxilia

Hey Folks,

Just finished these off today for a game tonight. 

Some kit bashed Roman CL Light Cavalry with Javelins and the mandatory 2 S Funditore Slinger Units (VBU 3 - yes please!)
Slingers are made from Immortal Plastic Hoplite bodies, WGF slings and a arms with a mix of Warlord Roman Auxilia helmets, ECW heads and hats and some WGF heads (which are pretty heinous) 
Cavalry are WGF Persian Bodies, arms and Weapons with Warlord Auxilia Helmets. horses are metal Front Rank Norman horses I have spare. 
Overall pretty quick and dirty. Next up some dirty and treacherous Praetorians at some point. 


Conflict '89: Winter Panzerbrigade Finished

Hey Folks,

All based and painted and good to go: I just finished the start of the winter West German Panzer Brigade. 
All based and snowed up :)
Luchs - would love to add some Recce Leopard 1A4s here!
Panzergrenadiers with 4 Milan and Marder 1A3 IFVs
A short Jaeger section - I have some TpZ Fuchs to paint as transports 
Leopard 2A5s - I would love to get a Leopard 1A4 company as well as these are utilised in the Panzergrenadier Battalions. I have also been doing some research on Heersstruker IV (Structure Plan 4) and it looks like Tank Company's were 2 Command and 3 platoons of 4 Tanks, so ten tanks at 2/3 str is about right.
Panzermorsers - full battery is actually 6 so I might add two more here. Also not sure if its a command Marder or M113 or M577 here as well. A Marder will do for now though
Rakejagdpanzer Jaguar 2s. Each Panzergrenadier Battalion had 12 of these. I'm assuming 3 sections of 4 tanks 
Panzergrenadier Battalion Command and a Gepard.

I can't actually find out how Gepards were distributed - there are 36 per Division but I'm not sure if they were assigned as pairs or sections or even fielded as full on Batteries. I DO know they had attached Stinger teams towards the end of the 80's

Overall I'm pretty happy with them. Just a few bits and pieces to finish off/ order.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Conflict '89: WIP Winter Panzerbrigade

Hey Folks,

These Bundeswher have been sitting around for awhile so I decided to repaint them. After my last 6mm Modern game with Adam (set in the Fulda Gap in winter) and as I have a Winter table I decided to do a winter army!

This is most of the Armour for the Panzergrenadierabietlung and I just need to add bases for all the tanks, and get the Infantry and Air Support painted. 
Panzers Marsch!
Leopard 2A3 Panzerkompanie (with a command 2A5) and a Flakpanzer Gepard
Luchs scout the advance
Marder 1A3s of a Panzergrenadier Kompanie
Raketjagpanzer Jaguar 2 platoon (with HOT missiles) 
Panzermorser Battery of 4 M106 SP 120mm mortars and command Marder
WIP infantry and bases for Tanks.

Air Supprt will be Luftwaffe F-4 Phantoms and I will also scrounge up some more bases to field a Fallschirnjager Kompanie. 

All up should be 2000pts. If I get a chance I should also be able to get a few 6mm scale terrain to fit the winter table too. 

Hope to get the above finished this week.