Monday, June 3, 2013

Conflict '89: WIP Winter Panzerbrigade

Hey Folks,

These Bundeswher have been sitting around for awhile so I decided to repaint them. After my last 6mm Modern game with Adam (set in the Fulda Gap in winter) and as I have a Winter table I decided to do a winter army!

This is most of the Armour for the Panzergrenadierabietlung and I just need to add bases for all the tanks, and get the Infantry and Air Support painted. 
Panzers Marsch!
Leopard 2A3 Panzerkompanie (with a command 2A5) and a Flakpanzer Gepard
Luchs scout the advance
Marder 1A3s of a Panzergrenadier Kompanie
Raketjagpanzer Jaguar 2 platoon (with HOT missiles) 
Panzermorser Battery of 4 M106 SP 120mm mortars and command Marder
WIP infantry and bases for Tanks.

Air Supprt will be Luftwaffe F-4 Phantoms and I will also scrounge up some more bases to field a Fallschirnjager Kompanie. 

All up should be 2000pts. If I get a chance I should also be able to get a few 6mm scale terrain to fit the winter table too. 

Hope to get the above finished this week.



bikewrench said...

Wow those are looking super cool Jason!
Really like the whitewashed NATO camo.
We need to get some more Conflict '89 games going.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Adam,

Agree on some more gaming - I have an idea on a Winter table I want to try.

I'll also get the latest list off Pooch methinks as well.


Shaffer said...

Even more interested to see the rules/lists behind this :D

Have you improved the C2 part of the Epic A ruleset or leaving like that?

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Shaffer,

Rules are WIP, and mostly leave C2 as it e
Is for ease of play. Hope to do some more work on them soon!


Shaffer said...

I'd like to see the WIP versions...even if only the lists, just out of curiosity (and if it's not too much hassle from your part :D)

Anyway it does looks good and promising!

I'd advice on grabbing some concepts from SH and BMGR for the final versions, like orders and stuff!