Monday, May 27, 2013

Tomorrows War: Combat Robot

Hey Folks,

I borrowed Tomorrow's War (the Scifi version of Force on Force) awhile ago and thought the rules were pretty cool. More Mil Scifi then Fantasy with guns (aka 40k) it really appeals. 

I've been knocking up some scratch built combat robots for the system and below is my latest creation, the "Pacifier m2043"
I have a big gun (some sort of light support pulse laser)

WIP shot. It's made mainly from a GW Necron legs and arms, a Robogear Infantry torso (inverted) and helmet (reversed) and a mix of GW Tau bits for the gun.  I like that the limbs are too long and set lowered them normal as I wanted it to look inhuman. 

Next up 4 more of these and a UAV.


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