Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flames of War 2012 Completion Challenge: Ze Germans

Hey Folks,

Pooch and I were discussing how much Flames of War models we have lying around, being all tardy and unpainted and the like.  So far he has been a machine and cracked through some Kiwi Armour of Mid and Late war as well as Early and Late war Germans.

I, truth be told have not done a whole lot, mainly focusing on Dystopian Wars as well as being diverted by SAGA.  Craig's Day of Days event has prompted me to paint up some Germans, and it was while searching through my collection I realised I had a ridiculous (though not as bad as some: I'm looking at you of the broken arm, you know who you are!) amount that needed to be built and the Challenge this year is to get this done;

 And note this doesn't include all my Transports that I need to strip/ assemble and paint.
 So for the Panzers this is;

  • A full 14 Tank Tiger Kompanie (note 6 of the Forged in Battle Tigers are a mates that I will paint for him) Including two Tiger I (Porsche) that will do double duty in my 653. Schwerepanzerjager Kompanie
  • Another Elefant (for 3 total) and a Jagdtiger for 653. Schwerepanzerjager
  • 4 Brumbarr's, 3 Mobelwagons and 3 Hummels for the Panzer IV Panzer Kompanie (11 Panzer IV's painted so far)
  • 5 StuG's to add to my 5 Painted StuG's to make a StuG Batterie
  • 9 Panthers, 2 Jagdpanthers and a Bergepanther to make a Panther Kompanie
  • 4 PaK 40 RSO's to go with a Speerverband

For the Infantry this is;

  • 5 Grenadier Platoons, 3 with Light Mortars.  This combined with my one painted platoon will allow me to field a Grenadier Kompanie or Sperverband as well as have more than enough MG Teams to transition to a Panzergrenadier/ Aufklarungs Kompanie or Sturm Kompanie as well as Rifle Teams to field a Schirungs Kompanie
  • 1 Pioneer Platoon with two goliaths. This combined with my painted Pioneer platoon, and pumped out by some Grenadiers will allow me to field a Panzerpioneer Kompanie or a foot Pioneer Kompanie
  • 3 More Fallshcirmjager stands, allowing me to field two full strength squads in Fallschirmjager Kompanie
  • 6 HMG Teams and 2 8cm  to add to my two painted Mortars and HMG's so I can field two full HMG platoons and a full Mortar platoon.
  • A full PaK 40, Pak 36 (7.62cm)r, Pak 38 and Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun platoons
  • 3 NW42 Nebelwerfers
  • Objectives
So this is an awful lot to paint, and I STILL want more (I would love a Czech and a Medium Panzerkompanie) but I really need to get all this done first...and then onto fixing/ painting replacements for my damaged Soviets and the start of some Kiwis!

So, better get cracking then!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Day of Days Aufkalrungs: Sorted

Hey Folks,

I am heading down to Craig's Day of Days event so really need to get an army sorted! This is a teams event and I am going with Bob as my partner, who is bringing his "travel" army.

I was planning to do Kiwi Infantry (Maori Battalion) but their is no way I will get them painted in time, so we switched sides to Ze Germans.

I have gone for this;
As they look like alot of fun.

Nutted out the list finally to be;

Hauptman and 2iC with Panzerknackers

1.Zug Motorised Aufklarungs Platoon
HQ with Panzerknacker and 3 Squads

2.Zug Gepanzerte Aufklarungs Platoon
HQ with Panzerknacker, 3 Squads and extra SdKfz 250 Halftracks.

3.Zug Motorised Heavy Platoon
HQ, 2 8cm Mortars and Observer

4.Zug Gepanzete Anti-Tank Platoon
HQ and 3 Pak 38's with SdKfz 251 Transports

5.Zug Heavy Armoured Car Patrol
2 8-Rads

6.Zug Motorised Panzer Pioneer Platoon
HQ with SMG, 3 Squads and a Pioneer Supply Truck

7.Zug Nebelwerfer Battery
HQ, Observer, 3 NW41's and a PaK 36 Anti-Tank Section.

1200pts on the dot.

I have almost all of this, and only 7 stands of infantry to paint.  Alas I do have all the vehicles to paint, so its time to crack out my crappy airbrush and see if I can get a good effect out of it!

Will post up some WIP shots soon, as only have just over a month to do this...


Sunday, January 8, 2012

SAGA Norman Test Figure

Hey Folks,

Here is my first test figure for the SAGA Normans, a plastic converted Sergeant with Spear and Kite Shield.

I used a mica pen for the Cross, and its a bit too black around the edges, plus I might need to add a bit of weathering to the shield.

Otherwise I am pretty happy with this dude, and will work to crack out the remaining seven...but I really do need to get those Aufklarungs started!

Looking forward to seeing him smash some Viking scum tomorrow night. :)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new SAGA has begun: the Normans Invade!

Hey Folks,

Jamie has got into SAGA  and it looks pretty cool, especially after I stole to Rulebook from him yesterday.  A good scrounge through my collection of half started projects yielded great results:   A box of Crusader Miniatures plastic Norman Knights (which I was going to use for Impetus) as well as a box of Gripping Beast Saxons.

SAGA really doesn't need a lot of models to play and is a really simple (but deep) game.  I think I am going to love it, as it slots right in with my "beer and pretzels" play style.

A few hours conversion work and bam: a 5 point army to take Jamie's Vikings on this Monday night;
Crap photo, and its all just grey plastic but the above breaks down to;

  • Comes Robert de Comines (Warlord!)
  • 2 Units of 6 Knights (3pts of Hearthgaurd)
  • 1 Unit of 8 Warriors with Spears and Shields (1pt)
  • 1 Unit of 8 Warriors with Crossbows (1pt)
The two foot units are converted from Saxons.  The Spear unit has spare Knight heads and a few Kite shields so they look the part, apart from the fact they are all in chain-mail, so are probably too heavily armoured.  

Likewise the Crossbow unit are all converted, but I ran out Norman heads so used a mix of Saxon heads and some left over Ancient German helmeted heads.  I also gave them all swords, so I figure they can be one of the many Mercenary units employed with the promise of lands in England.

Very much looking forward to painting this, though I also have an army to paint for Day of Days and the Iron Man Challenge, which looks like it will be an Italy Mid War Aufkalrungs Squadron.  I am busy on the scrounge for more SdKfz 250 Halftracks (or US M2/3 Halftracks) as well as some armoured cars...

Cant wait for the game on Monday night!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dystopian Wars Campaign Rules * Updated*

Hey Folks,
Here is the v2.0 UPDATED rules for the DW Campaign...

Feel free to comment!


Dystopian Wars Campaign Rules      v2.0

Victory Conditions

Victory will go to the first fleet which;
·         Conquers 11 Territories
·         Whose Commodore attains 21 Experience Points

Campaign Sequence

1.0 Starting Sequence

·         1.1 Determine Starting Fleet Rosters
·         1.2 Generate Territories

2.0 Pre Battle Sequence

·         2.1 Commodore Strategy Roll
·         2.2 Roll for Battle Size
·         2.3 Roll for Field Orders
·         Special Rule: Tactical Prowess (or Ineptitude)

3.0 Post Battle Sequence

·         3.1 Determine Victor
o   3.1.1 Conquer Territory
·         3.2 Resolve Repairs
o   3.2.1 Repair Cost Table
o   3.2.1 Prizes and Derelicts’
·         3.3 Resolve Squadron Experience and roll for any Skills
o   3.3.1 Squadron Experience
o   3.3.2 Skills
·         3.4 Resolve Commodore Injuries and Experience
o   3.4.1 Commodore Experience
o   3.4.2 Commodore Rank and Skill Table
o   3.4.3 Commodore Injury Table

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DW Campaign Game 1: The 1st Battle of the South China Sea

Hey Folks,

Given that I am big on gaming, slow on posting here is the first of the three battles I have fought recently as part of our Dystopian Wars Campaign...versus our "allies" the Austro-Hungarians.  Admiral Horthy's log can be found here: Admiral Horthy's ramblings

This was our first Campaign Game and we rolled up Territories prior to it.  We both rolled pretty poorly with my Japanese in control of a Bastion (Gives one squadron the Security Posts MAR), A Foundry (adds 10% to your Small Cap) and a steamy knight in Bangkok (Shore Leave - ignore XP loss for one squadron if crippled).  Unfortunately they all only provide one Requisition Point each, and as explained over on Commodore Sheridan's ramblings this could prove a problem as I will struggle to repair my larger vessels if they are in fact turned out.

Kaigun Shosho Hotorio Hanso's Log

Dec 27: 0800 hours
Shinobi Intelligence has sent a report that our "allies" the Austro-Hungarians have been sent ANOTHER Dreadnought by the Prussians...just what is the Kaiser playing at?  Does he think the Empress will sit by and watch such a massive build up of naval power in HER co-prosperity sphere without challenge.  Orders have come through to intercept the new Dreadnought, and "redress the balance" before it can link up with the existing Austro-Hungarian forces. To this end I have been granted a new flag, the mighty Hachiman Class Dreadnought IJNS Musashi

Dec 28: 1200 hours
Recon planes from the Ho-O Air Armada have spotted the Dreadnought in question, but we are two late to prevent the link up as they saw another Dreadnought to the port of it, surrounded by a host of small vessels. We shall just have to sink both of them.