Saturday, January 7, 2012

A new SAGA has begun: the Normans Invade!

Hey Folks,

Jamie has got into SAGA  and it looks pretty cool, especially after I stole to Rulebook from him yesterday.  A good scrounge through my collection of half started projects yielded great results:   A box of Crusader Miniatures plastic Norman Knights (which I was going to use for Impetus) as well as a box of Gripping Beast Saxons.

SAGA really doesn't need a lot of models to play and is a really simple (but deep) game.  I think I am going to love it, as it slots right in with my "beer and pretzels" play style.

A few hours conversion work and bam: a 5 point army to take Jamie's Vikings on this Monday night;
Crap photo, and its all just grey plastic but the above breaks down to;

  • Comes Robert de Comines (Warlord!)
  • 2 Units of 6 Knights (3pts of Hearthgaurd)
  • 1 Unit of 8 Warriors with Spears and Shields (1pt)
  • 1 Unit of 8 Warriors with Crossbows (1pt)
The two foot units are converted from Saxons.  The Spear unit has spare Knight heads and a few Kite shields so they look the part, apart from the fact they are all in chain-mail, so are probably too heavily armoured.  

Likewise the Crossbow unit are all converted, but I ran out Norman heads so used a mix of Saxon heads and some left over Ancient German helmeted heads.  I also gave them all swords, so I figure they can be one of the many Mercenary units employed with the promise of lands in England.

Very much looking forward to painting this, though I also have an army to paint for Day of Days and the Iron Man Challenge, which looks like it will be an Italy Mid War Aufkalrungs Squadron.  I am busy on the scrounge for more SdKfz 250 Halftracks (or US M2/3 Halftracks) as well as some armoured cars...

Cant wait for the game on Monday night!



Rodger said...

Sounds great to me. Looking forward to the painted versions.

Jamie said...

Looks good - glad you went with all those Hearthguard, they'll be mean vs Ragnar's Vikings.

It will be interesting to see how Normans play out as a mounted faction.

Niblet said...

There's not many models in that at all. That's seriously tempting to get into.

Craig C said...

Good luck Jason, I look forward to seeing the finished product. Saga does look like fun (and is tempting!)

Must resist...


Kruger said...

Hmm, just realised my "Saxons" I thought I had are actually Vikings...I was thinking there was too much beard and not enough moustache!

Nevermind, at some point I will get a Saxon box and build an adversary Warband.

All your 1066 armies will work Craig, even multibased. I love Impetus but I'm with Jamie in that its not a good representation of Dark Ages warfare, except for the few larger battles like Hastings and Stamford Bridge.

Craig C said...

That's what I'm hoping- I am not a fan of single based figures and skirmish games in general but if I can go some multibases it could work for me.

It looks like fun and may be a way to encourage some other guys to get into armies down here- plenty of biggish battles apart from Stanford Bridge & Hastings but raiding could be fun- especially with Kent & my GB buildings