Monday, January 9, 2012

Day of Days Aufkalrungs: Sorted

Hey Folks,

I am heading down to Craig's Day of Days event so really need to get an army sorted! This is a teams event and I am going with Bob as my partner, who is bringing his "travel" army.

I was planning to do Kiwi Infantry (Maori Battalion) but their is no way I will get them painted in time, so we switched sides to Ze Germans.

I have gone for this;
As they look like alot of fun.

Nutted out the list finally to be;

Hauptman and 2iC with Panzerknackers

1.Zug Motorised Aufklarungs Platoon
HQ with Panzerknacker and 3 Squads

2.Zug Gepanzerte Aufklarungs Platoon
HQ with Panzerknacker, 3 Squads and extra SdKfz 250 Halftracks.

3.Zug Motorised Heavy Platoon
HQ, 2 8cm Mortars and Observer

4.Zug Gepanzete Anti-Tank Platoon
HQ and 3 Pak 38's with SdKfz 251 Transports

5.Zug Heavy Armoured Car Patrol
2 8-Rads

6.Zug Motorised Panzer Pioneer Platoon
HQ with SMG, 3 Squads and a Pioneer Supply Truck

7.Zug Nebelwerfer Battery
HQ, Observer, 3 NW41's and a PaK 36 Anti-Tank Section.

1200pts on the dot.

I have almost all of this, and only 7 stands of infantry to paint.  Alas I do have all the vehicles to paint, so its time to crack out my crappy airbrush and see if I can get a good effect out of it!

Will post up some WIP shots soon, as only have just over a month to do this...



Craig C said...

Should be good Jason- similar to what I'd build. I'd forgotten about the PDF!


Kruger said...

Hi Craig,

I thought Africa didnt have the Aufklarungs list...hence the PDF right?

Dont have a copy of Africa as I am an Eastern Front man mainly.


Craig C said...

Yep, that's fine