Sunday, January 8, 2012

SAGA Norman Test Figure

Hey Folks,

Here is my first test figure for the SAGA Normans, a plastic converted Sergeant with Spear and Kite Shield.

I used a mica pen for the Cross, and its a bit too black around the edges, plus I might need to add a bit of weathering to the shield.

Otherwise I am pretty happy with this dude, and will work to crack out the remaining seven...but I really do need to get those Aufklarungs started!

Looking forward to seeing him smash some Viking scum tomorrow night. :)



Rodger said...

Nice work. The shield looks great.

Kruger said...

Thanks Rodger,

I still need to practice free handing, which is why I started with the foot troops instead of Knights. Im not 100% happy with it but its ok at "tabletop" range.


Craig C said...

I like the shield! Where did yoou get the pen?

Sounds like DoD will be a mech-fest!


Kruger said...

Thanks Craig,

Pen is a 0.2mm Staedelar (Sp?) from Whitcoulls.

Looking forward to DoD, just trying to finalise the list so I can crack into the painting...


Jamie said...

Maybe I should put the 'Ironman Challenge' on my CV and start applying to marketing firms too? lol

Scott said...

Good job, I like the shield detail

bikewrench said...

How did I miss this?
Cool mini mate.
Look to the east and despair...;-)