Friday, September 21, 2012

ACtA: Star Fleet - Kzinti Test Model

Hey Folks,

I have been quite busy but I have managed to get hooked by yet ANOTHER game system.
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet

Which I blame entirely on Jamie's Children and a test game with our Star Wars fleets subbing for Star Trek in truly Geektastic fashion.

Now initially I was dead keen on Klingon's, but alas Austerity Measures (and my vast amount of other half finished projects) meant that I really shouldnt buy anything new.

Not to be deterred I fell back on my plan B: Build my Own fleet.  Now I am blessed with an extensive bits box which I have accumulated over many years and many different games systems.  I also really enjoy scratch building, like when I built my Orks for Epic

Now looking through the book apparently in the Star Fleet Battles ships have "drones", which are good old fashion Battlestar Galactica style Nuclear Missiles.  I like nukes, and so do the Kzinti;

 Now Space Tigers in Purple and Pink (apparently as the designer was colour blind and it was supposed to be Green...) are kind of silly, and alas, so are their ships;

Kind of 'meh' - the triangular wing things are the"Drone" launchers

Now I have always loved this game;

And my favourite ship is the Vaygar Destroyer as its asymmetrical - and packs a mean punch with its Anti-Ship Missiles from a off-set Vertical Launch System  - sounds perfect for Kzinti!

So Ideally I wanted this sort of style - but Trekked up so as to fit for when I am fighting Jamie's Fed's.  This meant it had to have some sort of deflector dish and warp engine nacelles - but otherwise I was pretty free.

Here is what I have come up with - my first Kzinti cruiser.  Depending on the actual size and mass of the Federation ships this will either be a Heavy Cruiser or a Battlecrusier.  Its 103mm long (so probably Battlecrusier weight)  from the prow sensors to the aft nacelles and is about 45mm wide so would mass a fair bit. The base is a 60mm base.

Spot the parts!

I'm looking forward to trying him out!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

6mm Modern's: Israeli Armoured Combat Group

Hey Folks,

Long time no post, and very little work on my Man Barbie's as well. Real Life can be a pain like that and I took a job that involved commuting to another city about 5 months ago, and have been busy ever since.

A few lads and I have been getting into 6mm Modern using lovely GHQ miniatures, which while not the cheapest have amazing detail at this scale.  We have based the rules on Games Workshops Epic:40k Armageddon rules with some tweaks and self made army lists and unit stats.  These are continually evolving btu we are up to version 2.8 of the lists and we cover pretty much every Gulf State from Israel to Iran and most of the Western powers too (and Soviet Russia!)

One of our mates Andy has some awesome Iraqi's, and some awesome terrain too but he isn't the blogger type :)

I originally started with Israelis, and based my force around composite Combat Group from an Armoured Battalion that has been rapidly assembled.  This mixes Regular Army units (initiative 1+) and Reserve Army units (initiative 2+) backed up by some serious IAF Air Support!

So far its at around 2000pts but I have more to add on the painting table. 

The Combat Group so far. Left to Right: Merkava IV Coy, Cobra Gunships, Mech Infantry Company in M113 Zeldas, Chapperal SAM's, M125 Mortars, F-16'sand a Magach (upgraded M60) Company 

Magach 6's and 7's: Upgraded and Up armoured M60A3's

F-16's in IAF colours on Ground Attack Missions

Mechanised Infantry in M113 Zeldas

Chapperal SAM's and M125 Mortar Carrierw

Cobras!  Super cool :)

Merkava IV Company.  These are Bad Ass so I mainly use them as Merkava III's which are a bit more tame, but look very similar.

Close up of Merkava IV

Close up of the Magach types.  Magach 6 is an M60 with ERA while the Mgach 7 has added laminate armour.  I ahev added some stowage and flags etc made out of tin foil. 

Next up I have more Infantry and Azcherzit ("Evil Bitch!) Heavy APC's as well as a few more tanks and some Recon to add to take me to 3000pts.

Played a few games so far, and on the whole they preform pretty well and are heaps of fun. 

Next up: Iranians :)