Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hitorios' Revenge: Part 1 EotBS vs FSA Battle Report

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Here is the follow up to Rear-Admiral Hitorio Hanso's punitive expedition to teach that pig Sheridan a lesson...This was our first game using the revised rules from Blog Updates and overall they work really well. The new critical hit table, updated MAR's and unit tweaks really make a difference.

Kiagun Shosho Hitorio Hanso stood in the atypical Japanese Naval Officers pose, rigid,  one hand behind the small of his back while his sword hand gripped the hilt of his Katana.  The knuckles of his sword had went white when the wireless operations officer informed him that recon planes of the Ho-o Air Armada had sighted the enemy.
DFA-170's alpha-strike the FAS Battleship

The IJNS Masaka was steaming in line abreast with the crusiers of Ryu Squadron in close support.  The IJAF heavy bombers and scout gyros were further out to starboard.  It appeared that the FSA fleet was concentrated opposite the IJNS Naval group and Hitorio sent an order for the IJAF forces to move towards what looked to be two Battleships and engage.
 The DFA-170 Bombers in close formation sighted the first Independence class Battleship and let loose their massed rocketry...scoring a palpable hit! Hitorio smiled coldly as fires broke out across its decks. 

Suddenly lookouts called out that giant flying Iron Men were approaching...these must be the "John Henry" robots he had heard about.  All forces were directed to engage and they were eventually bought down in a storm of cannon and rockets.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thunder from Heaven: EotBS Air Support

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Hope you all had a good Christmas!

Here is my work over the last few days.

I have always though that the Tiny Tokens cast on the resin bases looked pants, so resolved to "set my flyers free".  I also made flight stands out of clear acrylic, GW flight stems and blister pack plastic.  I also converted up tiny torpedo bombers...which was a bit fiddly. 

Finally I painted up the extra DFA-170 bomber and repainted my other two at the same time to match. 

Here is also my first "in character" post...:)

A sight to warm any Naval Captains heart: Ho-O Air Armada units pass overhead 
Kaigun Shosho (Rear Admiral) Hitorio Hanso stood at the rail of the weather bridge on his flagship, the Sokotsu Class Battleship Masaka, and pondered the uncouthness of the baku gai-jin Capitan Sheridan. At the State dinner after the treaty signing in Bangkok the pig had had the gall to describe the Divine Empress Shizuna as a "pretty slip of a girl!"

How dare he talk of our Divine Empress in such a low manner!. His attempt to teach the teach the cur a lesson ended without resolution, or satisfaction.  His Honour demanded that the lesson be delivered, and with suitable emphasis so that it was well learned.  

Shinobi agents within the FSA CINCPAC headquarters had sent work that the Americans planned to contravene the terms of the treaty by deploying Saratoga Class Fleet Carrier's into the Coral Sea to reinforce Sheridan's Battle Group.  This gave him a convenient political reason to exact revenge on the pig, and in doing so restore the Honour debt to its correct balance.  If the payment was in the keels of his enemies fleet, than so much the better. 

The Masaka was only escorted by a small naval detachment consisting of the cruisers of Ryu squadron Nagara, Yura, Natori and Shatori as well as the Ichi frigate squadron Hatsuune, Enoki, Hatsuzakura and Hinoki.

Appearances can be deceptive however...the drone of rotors grows to a thunderous roar as the squadrons of the Ho-O Air Armada arrive to support his punitive expedition.  A gleam enters Hitorio's eye as he watch's the finest precision engineered fighters and bombers in the world stream past followed by the more stately DFA-170 Bombers and the Inari Scout Gyro's.  While he has always preferred the sway and swell of the sea instead of the bucking turbulence of the sky, he truly appreciated the capabilities of the Air Armada's forces. He almost felt sorry for the Americans who will be on the end of the the Air Armada's rockets.

Tonight he shall have his honour debt fulfilled. 

No ship is safe from the wrath of our Torpedo Bombers

Swarms of Blazing Sun Fighters darken the sky.

DFA-170 Bombers are the scourge of enemy shipping, able to stand off and smash them apart with massed rocketry

The FSA will not know what hit them! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Im Not Dead!

Long Time - No Post

As the title says I am not dead, just busy busy with Real Life alas.

I have been doing a bit of gaming and painting, with a little bit of Impetus as well as a fair bit of Dystopian Wars.

Speaking of Dystopian Wars I have finished some Inari;

The Empresses Finest ready to be really brave and hover way up in the stratosphere lobbing rockets at the enemy :)

We have lots of option's in play for next years Wargaming projects...and I intend to actually FINISH some of these lol.