Saturday, December 17, 2011

Im Not Dead!

Long Time - No Post

As the title says I am not dead, just busy busy with Real Life alas.

I have been doing a bit of gaming and painting, with a little bit of Impetus as well as a fair bit of Dystopian Wars.

Speaking of Dystopian Wars I have finished some Inari;

The Empresses Finest ready to be really brave and hover way up in the stratosphere lobbing rockets at the enemy :)

We have lots of option's in play for next years Wargaming projects...and I intend to actually FINISH some of these lol.



Chris said...

Finishing stuff? Is that your new years resolution?

Also, the inarii look terrible. Just throw them out. You don't even want them in your fleet....

peter said...

Good to hear you're not dead :-D

Is Chris your opponent? Those Inari look good to me ;-) And finishing some things sounds like a good intention for the new year :-)


Chris said...

Yep, I am one of his opponents. Inaris firing rockets at me will be bad for my health!

They do look pretty tho!

peter said...

:lol: I thought so :-D


Jamie said...

Oh I don't know - due to the strictures of The Bangkok Naval Limitation Treaty, he has to have something to fill out those non-Dreadnaught points.

In DW, the best models seem to be the ones that snuck up close and got off a full squadron of fir/or boarded something so I kinda find the idea of something sniping from a the back a bit comforting.

Re: the 'New Years Resolution'... I see a tantalizing non-specificity about what projects :P

Kruger said...

Exactly right Jamie, I have a whole 500pts to spend on "filler" units now that I cant run my DN, 2 * BB and Squids (as they are all large!)

Ill have to start posting "in charecter" to keep up with the Jones's

As for the New Years resolution...its what whatever makes it through the clear out...and has been pending for awhile.

bikewrench said...

Those are cool models bro.
Ducted fans are however TL8 or 9;-)