Sunday, June 5, 2016

TnT: K1LL-80T Communist Securitron

Hi Folks,

In my first game I got lucky and Head Scribe Kaine managed to find and activate a military Securiton (Freelancer Depend-o-Bot)

After equipping him with a recently found Chain Blade and shotgun Kaine found that the Securiton was a Comunist Chinese assault unit with the designation K1LL-80T. This could end badly... ;)


Friday, June 3, 2016

This is Not a Test: Snipe Hunt

Hi Folks,

Very long time no blog :(

Just got into This is not a Test. It's an pretty good game produced by Worlds End Publishing. It's also very, very similar to the game we came up with a few years ago!

I'm running Brotherhood of Steel using my Brother Vinnie models 
The current Southern NuZee Brotherhood of Steel Chapter. From left to right: Knight Clarke, Medical Protectatron 5H0C-K3R, Head Scribe Kaine, Knight Carter. The Knights are armed with Assault Rifles while Head Scribe Kaines Eybot counts as his Assault Rifle. The medical bot just has a Cattle Prod :)
Mission played was Snipe Hunt. Where we had to search some buildings in the hope of finding pre-fall technology. The NuZee BoS had heard tell of rumours of tech and if course Head Scribe Kaine set off with his trusty Bot and Knight Protectors...

My long time nemesis Jamie was running Carvanners as "Crazy Ivan's Irregulars'. Love the Wastelander models :)

The Southern NuZee BoS Chapter out search for pre-fall technology...until the run into Crazy Ivan and his Irregular's
Crazy Ivan and his band of wastelander scum
Knight Carter comes under fire from a light machine gun and rifle fire. His superior power armour protects him and he walks through the bullets like a machine to put down a nearby wastelander
Medical Protectatron 5H0C-K3R detects wastelanders suffering from cardiac arrest and waddled over to "help" then with his shock paddles. Sadly Crazy Ivan lobs a grenade his way and disables him. 
At the end game the Mediot suffered a damaged hand (reducing his ranged Stat...but he has no guns lol). 
The BoS stormed forward and quickly searched the two closest buildings (a Greenhouse and a Frosty Bar) Radioactive cars and a bus had to be avoided but after some exchanges of fire and when the dust settled the BoS had searched 3 buildings to Ivan's one. 

Post game saw one of Ivan's irregular's die but they found a large amount of barter script (Caps, cash etc) so he will be easily replaced. 

The BoS had amazing luck finding a Mini Gun and also reactivating a Securitron! Who joined tge Warband for free! Finally while they barely found enough caps to feed them selves and maintain there tech they earned enough to pay for a Chain blade and shotgun to arm there new Securitron. Sweet! 

No level ups yet but loving TnT - it's heaps of fun. Thanks for the great 1st game Jamie!