Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Epic 4 Player Game

Hi Folks,

Ben, Chris and John came around on Saturday for an epic game of Star Wars Armada! 

We just rolled with every ship we had between us and painted ships only.

Imperial Brief (John and I) was to strike a hammer blow to the rebellion by knocking out a resupply base and destroy any military forces and transport vessels. 

Rebel Brief (Ben abd Chris) was to evacuate crucial supplies and personal while delaying and damaging the Imperial Attack...

To keep it simple we didn't use points but assigned an upgrade card per command value point, with the Rebels getting an extra card per ship. Likewise the Rebels had all the aces while Imperial's were standard squadrons...

Sadly Jamie was stricken with the plague so it ended up with the Rebels being heavily outnumbered...

 Imperial's line abreast. 5 Victory Class ISD's lead by Tarkin and Vader. 4 Gladiators. Around 25 squadrons...
 Rebel defenders...2 each of each class and 6 squadrons! Oh and an armed Space Station and 3 weapon platforms
 Imperial's advance at flank speed!
 Fleets start to engage
 Massive fighter brawl!
 Imperial Plan: Straight up the middle all subtle like.
 Starting to get messy...the first ISD goes down
 Rebels kiting...meanwhile the Rebel Aces lurking near Galleby Haven are mincing my fighters.
 Nearing end game. 3 ISDS and a Gladiator down. 2 rebel transports have escaped but the station and weapon platforms are destroyed.
And it's over!

We had victory points per destroyed cap ship (based on size), for the station and for transports away. In the end it was 14 points each so we gave it too the rebels as they were so heavily outnumbered!

Good game guys - looking forward to reprising it when Wave 2 is out :)


Friday, August 14, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Converted Rebel Assault Frigate

Hey Folks,

So I've never been a fan of the Rebel MkII Assault Frigate as I've always prefered the Mk1. I then proceeded to cut my previous painted ship up (as I do...)

Oh and I painted some squadrons :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Encounter at Epsilon IV

Hey Folks,

Got my first game of Star Wars Armada in with the Rebels in a 400pt bash vs Ben at my place.

I had 2 Mk2 Assault Frigates (with enhanced batteries and gunnery teams of course), a support frigate with Leia and 2 Corvette B's. So 5 ships!  Also had 2 each no name X-wing's, A-wing's and Y-wing's. Lead by Dodonna

The Imperial Opressors had 2 Victory's  (one a II with Tarkin, one a I with Dominator and Assault Missiles!), the Gladiator Insidious, 4 TIE's, an advanced, a Bomber,  Vader and Rhymer.
The mission was Intel Sweep 2hich I thought should favour me but...

Imperial's had the initiative so they lumber forward with Dominator moving near the first objective, a weapons platform. My 1st space whale (on loan from Ben) moves to investigate a fuel depot while the corvettes swing wide and my flagship assault frigate (the converted one) and Leia's Nebulon B lurk centrally. Squadron play so much jockeying for position while a sneaky TIE manages to engage the lead x-wing.

Turns 2 and 3 saw the Assault frigates dive past Tarkin's flagship in order to avoid getting nailed by the Gladiator. I cut this a bit close with the space whale and he clipped Tarkin's Victory but thankfully didn't get stuck on the front!  I managed to avoid taking too much damage from the Gladiator but Ben was slowly wining the fighter war and I wasnt able to do enough damage to the Star Destroyers.

Turn 4 and 5 saw Dodonna's flagship destroyed on the edge of the gas cloud. One of the corvettes played chicken with the Gladiator too long and eventually Bens black dice of death got it. Meanwhile Leia's Nebulon B took a brutal hit from Tarkin's Victory which almost one shotted it...until Tarkin promptly ordered Ramming speed and crushed her :( 

The space whale and a corvette managed to escape the trap but we only had one objective to the Imperial's two. I could of got another one but might have died anyway and the fighters where all but gone so...jump to Hyperspace! 

Thanks for the great game Ben! Rebels are different but I like how they play. You drove your fleet very well and it punished me when I made mistakes! Keen for a rematch!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Rebel Asteroid Base

Hey Folks,

This is my scenary from a game along, long time ago


Drybrushed, touched up abd good to go for Armada. Yes I know I'll need to rebate the asteroids on smaller fields but it'll do for now.

The "Rebel Transport" GR-75s are from the Wizards of the Coast Starship Battles games. While too big for BFG they are pretty close to scale for Armada. Also repainted and touched up.  I reckon they might fit on Squadron Bases easily enough...will be good for objectives and convoy scenarios :)


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Star Wars Armada: INS Warlord

Hey Folks,

Long time no Blog!

I've been busy with a new Job but have been doing a bit of gaming recently, mainly Warhammer Fantasy, 40k and now Star Wars Armada.

Played my first game the other night vs Jamie and it was awesome!. So I bought a Victory class Star Destroyer the next day...and me being me personalized it :)

Yes that's "Warlord" in Galactic Basic on the bridge superstructure. I'm so nerdy!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Infinity: All Hail Doctor Worm

I Hey Folks,

Travelled to the "town of the future" to play Ben in a 300pt ITS "loot the tech coffin" game (I can't recall the actual name of the mission lol)

Once I'd unpacked my very WIP town of the infinity future from my boot we had an interesting table...
So all the basic shapes are there with lots of hight and cover across multiple levels.

Mission was loot 3 tech coffins which have stuff you apparently want in them. 

Ben had the evil (and very well painted) Aleph while I bought my bringers of peace and prosperity- the Combined Army

Selected Shots as I forgot to take more photos :(
A Naga Sniper deploys out of Camo to take a shot at my total reaction Q Drone hovering on the far painted hex lab block. In what became something of a trend she died to ARO even the odds were in her favour. And yes that is an Aleph Camo token in the mid ground hiding from an Impersonation Plus token #speculo killer!
Here my Sith Lord (Umbra Legate Hacker) has cybermasked (made him self look to be a friendly) himself across the containers and leaped on the Daysu to slice him in half with his light saber...erm sword. He then data scanned an Netrod AI beacon to get me an objective point.
By this time my boss Charotonid is dead to the evil Asura and my Sith Lord has fallen foul of Super Dakini Tactbot. The Speculo Killer has killed another Naga easily by souping him with a monofilament weapon but then Super Dakini gets her too! We by now are down to only a handful of orders each as AROs have been brutal! 
Finally Ben is ahead as his hacker has got to a tech coffin. I'm down to my last order and its up to Doctor Worm (my med tech robot doctor/engineer thing) who manages to not get hit by an Asura and pass his save from being hit by Super Dakini! Last roll is a WIP test to crack the coffin and he passes! 

All hail the EI! (Just!) 

Cheers for the awesome game Ben and your hospitality:) Aleph and EI are well matched and it's super fun! 

Now to like paint stuff and keep building terrain...


Monday, March 16, 2015

Infinity: Terrain and A New Army...

Hey Folls, 

Took the plunge and ordered some Micro Art Studio terrain :)

I also scratch built a science module. Still a bit of tidy up work to do as a but trademark "dirty" at the moment but I'm happy so far.
Crates, consoles and holo ads from Micro Art Studios. 
The science block is a hex gift box (stole that idea from Jamie) with Robogear "Platformer" terrain panels for detail and a Hexbug toy battle arena part for the top. I've big ideas and lots more comments from that Hexbug set so stay tuned...
But what's this? Something wicked this way comes...a Unidron Batroid from my new (and newly sprung on Ben and Jamie) Combine Army, Army (lol) 
Love those holo ads :) 

More terrain on the way and to build, and more Combine Army to Paint!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Warhammer: Warclouds Random Snapshots and Comments

Hey Folks, 

I'd planned to write this earlier but you know. Life and stuff. 

Warclouds was the 7th and 8th of Feburary and it was a 2800pt team based tourney. I entered my Ogre Mercenaries (posted earlier and finished the day before lol) while my little bro Nathan bought his Wood Elves 
Our team name was Beautey and the Beast. Nate's army looked boss, he has put a lot of effort into it and it came up really well. 

Instead of posting a game by game blow here are some random Action Shots :) 
First game we faced a horde of Skaven and Night Goblins and were outnumbered like 5 to 1...here my Ogres smash into about 160 Skaven Slaves. A timely spell cast by Nates Treeman Ancient killed the Skaven General and BSB which allowed my Ogres to smash through the slaves and crush the flank. Minor win to us! 
Nates Treeman Ancient, Chunk the Giant and his Hero on Great Eagle combine to destroy the Skaven Abomination...after the Skaven had killed off most of my Ogres. We slot this one sadley. 
Here the Maneaters have ripped apart a huge unit of 12 ogres and characters and pretty much single handedly won us the game. The Maneaters kicked butt when they weren't wiped out by magic and tended to smash pretty much anyone and anything they came up against. I loved them! 
Our last game - the Skaven (there were three Skaven armies and we fought all of them) and Nurgle Chaos have refused our flank so my Ogres are storming forward. This one ended in a very tactical draw. 

After the dust had settled we ended up placing Fourth - the same as last year! Nate and I really enjoy this weekend and would like to thank all our opponents as well as Basil for hosting. 

Also I was pretty surprised to pick up Best Painted! Which was awesome :) 


Friday, February 6, 2015

Warhammer: Ogre Mercenaries for Warclouds

Hey Folks, 

So Warclouds is tomorrow and about a month ago I decided to take an Ogre army to fight along side my little bros Wood Elves. A quick order to Mighty Ape and a bunch of Mantic Ogres were on their way...

I quite like the Mantic models as they are not fat slobs like the GW models but hard bitten mercs. So I decided to them as erm hard bitten mercs :) 

All up assembly, conversions, basing, base painting, dipping and re painting with highlights and detail work took about three weeks. Including a marathon 10 hour session today. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow! 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Infinity N3: ALEPH Training Sim

Hey Folks,

Long time no blog (3 months in fact!) due to life and reasons and stuff :) 

Last weekend Ben came around with his new ALEPH force. I'd been thinking about some terrain concepts so set up a table with very simple base shapes (Tupperware buildings, large polystyrene hex bases I'd made, hexagonal gift boxes (an idea I stole from Jamie that day no less)) and not a few wooden building blocks. 

As a table this looked crap of course visually but the shapes, fire lines and overall aesthetic was pretty cool. In my mind it looked awesome anyway! Also both Ben an I had a little to paint (read: a lot) so I played around with some Apps and to steal another idea from Jamie (imitation, flattery etc) did this;
Cartoon photo app and a comic strip created app. And yes Jamie that's a Tacitcal Armoured Gear you can't really see...the arms race is on! 

Mission was armoury, I went real subtle and bought a heavy infantry link team AND the Iguana. Which was a bit silly but fun!
I let Ben go first and they AI troops bounded forward and got first dibs on the armoury. However my counter assault got going with Mr Sad (my Intruder Sniper) dropping an HMG Dakini but also driving off the Asura who was on suppression fire. Forced four saves and Ben passed three...which was to become a theme lol.
In the end the Igauna got popped by a lucky shot with the Asuras multi rifle (and then we got ejection wrong). The Mobile Brigada link team got to the objective and held it for a turn until being gradually aro'ed and isolated. Highlights were the Brigada shrugging off three mines (next time Bens bringing monofilament...) and the Deva hacker dodging or saving multiple shotgun and light flame thrower blasts. On the flanks an aerial infiltrating Garuda got Mr Sad and the Dasyu was unopposed. 

Ben got his Secret Objectives while I couldn't so 5-2 to Ben! 

Great game and looking forward to the next one. 

In case your wondering here is the table in all its no cartoon glory ;) 
Also ad the Lunokhod and his Kola friends. I love the iguana model!
Bens Aleph - his painted Dakini is Boss