Monday, March 16, 2015

Infinity: Terrain and A New Army...

Hey Folls, 

Took the plunge and ordered some Micro Art Studio terrain :)

I also scratch built a science module. Still a bit of tidy up work to do as a but trademark "dirty" at the moment but I'm happy so far.
Crates, consoles and holo ads from Micro Art Studios. 
The science block is a hex gift box (stole that idea from Jamie) with Robogear "Platformer" terrain panels for detail and a Hexbug toy battle arena part for the top. I've big ideas and lots more comments from that Hexbug set so stay tuned...
But what's this? Something wicked this way comes...a Unidron Batroid from my new (and newly sprung on Ben and Jamie) Combine Army, Army (lol) 
Love those holo ads :) 

More terrain on the way and to build, and more Combine Army to Paint!


1 comment:

Andy Tucker said...

Nice work Jas, picked up some more turks today so let me know if u wana paint session.
this terrain looks wicked
Pretty sure miley cyrus already trademarked dirty tho... might wana check that