Friday, February 13, 2015

Warhammer: Warclouds Random Snapshots and Comments

Hey Folks, 

I'd planned to write this earlier but you know. Life and stuff. 

Warclouds was the 7th and 8th of Feburary and it was a 2800pt team based tourney. I entered my Ogre Mercenaries (posted earlier and finished the day before lol) while my little bro Nathan bought his Wood Elves 
Our team name was Beautey and the Beast. Nate's army looked boss, he has put a lot of effort into it and it came up really well. 

Instead of posting a game by game blow here are some random Action Shots :) 
First game we faced a horde of Skaven and Night Goblins and were outnumbered like 5 to my Ogres smash into about 160 Skaven Slaves. A timely spell cast by Nates Treeman Ancient killed the Skaven General and BSB which allowed my Ogres to smash through the slaves and crush the flank. Minor win to us! 
Nates Treeman Ancient, Chunk the Giant and his Hero on Great Eagle combine to destroy the Skaven Abomination...after the Skaven had killed off most of my Ogres. We slot this one sadley. 
Here the Maneaters have ripped apart a huge unit of 12 ogres and characters and pretty much single handedly won us the game. The Maneaters kicked butt when they weren't wiped out by magic and tended to smash pretty much anyone and anything they came up against. I loved them! 
Our last game - the Skaven (there were three Skaven armies and we fought all of them) and Nurgle Chaos have refused our flank so my Ogres are storming forward. This one ended in a very tactical draw. 

After the dust had settled we ended up placing Fourth - the same as last year! Nate and I really enjoy this weekend and would like to thank all our opponents as well as Basil for hosting. 

Also I was pretty surprised to pick up Best Painted! Which was awesome :) 



The Kiwi said...

Awesome looking combo force. looks like it was a great event.

bikewrench said...

Shouldn't be surprised mate. Your stuff always looks awesome!
Huzzah sir!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks :) Warclouds is a great event, good times every year :)

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Adam. It was a pretty quick and dirty paint job bit I'm pleased how they came out :)

Just need to finish more stuff!