Friday, February 6, 2015

Warhammer: Ogre Mercenaries for Warclouds

Hey Folks, 

So Warclouds is tomorrow and about a month ago I decided to take an Ogre army to fight along side my little bros Wood Elves. A quick order to Mighty Ape and a bunch of Mantic Ogres were on their way...

I quite like the Mantic models as they are not fat slobs like the GW models but hard bitten mercs. So I decided to them as erm hard bitten mercs :) 

All up assembly, conversions, basing, base painting, dipping and re painting with highlights and detail work took about three weeks. Including a marathon 10 hour session today. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow! 



Jamie said...

Hi Jason - Good luck.

I'm a big fan of the mantic ogres.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Jamie :)

I like these ogres a lot too...and am looking forward to using them in Book of War!

For fantasy I've hd a total of two games and I've never used a giant before. No time to learn then like during the tourney ;)


Chasseur said...

They look really good, but bigger photos please! :)

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Chasseur - will post a tourney report soon with some bigger photos.