Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laselle British: First KGL unit finished!

Hey Folks,

Finally finished my first Laselle unit, a KGL battalion from my "Brunswick" support choice.

The thin red Hanoverian line, with an additional Skirmisher

Photo makes them look a bit crap, they are better in real life. Honest!

Its a hard life being a Light Company skirmisher!

All kitted out.

And in attack column under the harsh Spanish sun (or camera flash!)
The bases are perhaps a bit too green for Spain, I will be adding some arid grass once I make a trip to my LGS.

I am stoked to get a unit done, but Napoleonics take SO LONG to paint.  Thank god I didn't do Austrians...the white straps are bad enough!

Next up, the Elite KGL unit with Mounted Colonel and the cool Hanoverian shakos.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lasalle British: KGL Progress

Hi Folks,

A bit of progress on my Lasalle British, or, more correctly Hanoverians from the Kings German Legion.  First up, a painted base of KGL line infantry.  They need a bit of work on the red of the coats, but otherwise should be ok "en masse"

 And here are the three units for my KGL support.  The front and back units are the line infantry while the middle unit is the Elite Line Infantry
 The Elite unit has a mounted Colonel, which is a great idea I nicked off Pooch to show "Elite" Status.  They also all have Hanoverian Shakos with cap cords.
The Skirmishers also have the Hanoverian Shako's, but light company "wings" on their arms.

Looking forward to getting some painting done soon.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Start of a New Napoleonic Lasalle Army: Peninsula British

Hey Folks,

Completely off track from doing a Prussian Army I have acquired a start to a Peninsula British army!

Now as Pooch is using the lovely Perry Models British models as a Waterloo force he had a heap of Perry Peninsula Heads as well as a pile of spare Victrix models I snapped them up :)

Well I am always one to do my wargaming on the cheap so I don't mind that the Victrix models are not as good as the Perry's (well, not THAT much) and to be honest the Perry heads fix the biggest sin of the the Victrix models, they are butt ugly!

So I am doing a Light Division, as its super cool, it has;

1 Rifle (+)
1 Elite Infantry (+)
1 Infantry
2 Caçadore
2 Infantry 

(The + symbol means that its a large 6 base unit instead of the usual 4 bases)

It also has;

If Jamie can have Russell Crowe to leas his Impetus Romans I can have Sean Bean for my 95th Rifles!

Structure looked something like this;

Structure during the Peninsular War

I'm still not sure on what to run as the support choice. Brunswicks (though maybe run them as Kings German Legion) would be the obvious choice but Allied Portuguese (crappy) or Reserve Light Cavalry (also crappy) would be the historical choice...

Looking forward to getting some paint on some models tomorrow.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Fallschirmjager in Eindhoven: Market Garden Test Game

Hey Folks,

Here was the whole point of the Para Painting Challenge, getting the Fallschirmjager done for the Market Garden Test game:

Board from JOE's bridge end, the first town their is Eindhoven 

Fallschirmjager with masses of Panzerfaust lurk in the town while the larger platoon holds the Crossroads. 

Welsh Guards Cromwells race down a side road to avoid the town, 

PaK 40's ambush...

More Ambushing PaK's

Meanwhile the 107 Panzerbrigade reserves turn up and are jumped by the mighty Beep Beeps!

And a massive horde of German Grenadiers from KG Tettau overuns the British Para's in Arnhem

The Cromwells overrun the PaK's (eventually!) but are in turn jumped by the Panzerfaust Trap teams ...

Cromwells burn round the other flank and avoid the town...

...and Assualt the big Para platoon and are eventually ground  down.
The poor Welsh Guards didnt really have a chance once the first platoon got nailed. This has led to a re-write of the scenario deployment.

Looking forward to the next Trial game!