Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laselle British: First KGL unit finished!

Hey Folks,

Finally finished my first Laselle unit, a KGL battalion from my "Brunswick" support choice.

The thin red Hanoverian line, with an additional Skirmisher

Photo makes them look a bit crap, they are better in real life. Honest!

Its a hard life being a Light Company skirmisher!

All kitted out.

And in attack column under the harsh Spanish sun (or camera flash!)
The bases are perhaps a bit too green for Spain, I will be adding some arid grass once I make a trip to my LGS.

I am stoked to get a unit done, but Napoleonics take SO LONG to paint.  Thank god I didn't do Austrians...the white straps are bad enough!

Next up, the Elite KGL unit with Mounted Colonel and the cool Hanoverian shakos.



bikewrench said...

Spain can be quite green mate!
Those look cool.
Not doing anything really other than working and painting my Bulgars and ...
that's it.

Kruger said...

Yep, working for me too :(

Bulgars sound primo...any pics yet?


Der Feldmarschall said...

Nice looking unit. Bases look great too!