Tuesday, October 4, 2011

6th Fallschirmjager at Market Garden, Christchurch Cavaliers Total War!

Hey Folks,

Here is a the first 4 turns of the Total War game organised by Simon.  It was super awesome and the other Christchurch Bloggers have been blogging up a storm about it.

Jamies Report

Adam's Flyby

Martins Brilliant Report

Super kudos to Simon for organising it, Andy T for ironing out the game play wrinkles and Stephen S for all his awesome terrain...and I will think you will all agree it looked suitably EPIC :)

Looking from Eindhoven through Nijmegen to Arnhem at the far end. 



6th FJ Deploy on Hells Highway...yes thats a Jagdpanther

Facing FOUR 30 Corps Companies! 

I don't know why, but the Jagdpanther seemed to put the woolies up the Allied Tank Commanders...

At the other end - British Paras advancing from Oosterbeek

Jamies Sperrverband defending the outskirts of Arnhem

2cm FlaK 38 Portees! Super Cool

Frost's boys hold the bridge

Gott in Himmel! Jabos!

30 Corps Advances...

And starts to grind through my FJ, who fall back toward the Highway in the Center

But Nowhere is Safe!...Panzerfaust Trap team takes out a Bogged Tank left all by itself...

An the Jagd is Bailed, and stays Bailed as a) I cant roll a 4+ to remount in two turns and b) I  seem to only roll ones for Armour Saves!

Panzerschreks race forward but only bail one tank...

So wisely retreat to await the onsalught

And this is how it was when I passed command to Pooch, who was commanding the Luftwaffe Company "holding" Nijmegen...apparently the poor FJ's were  wiped out to a man in subsequent turns.  

And a parting shot of the Para's slowly getting ground down in Arnhem
What I didnt take photos off was my PaK 40 Ambush that I popped on the far flank next to the 2 Priest Batteries that had just double moved...it killed a 3 Priest and drew off a Sherman Platoon and a Motor Rifle Platoon.  Likewise when I pulled out a Panzerfaust Trap team down by the Priest's later on a Motor Rifle Platoon came back to deal with him...

This diversion of forces, defensive tactics (and the Jagdpanther "psy weapon") delayed the Allied Armour and helped ensure they didn't quite get to the Bridge in time to save Frost.

End result was a Narrow Victory to the Germans...how historical!



Rodger said...

Fantastic looking game.Great photos too.

Vladdd309 said...

That's a great looking table to game on.

Annatar said...

As a dutchman I must protest. It's spelled Nijmegen (Njemagen) and Oosterbeek (Osterbook):)

Jamie said...

Narrow victory to the Germans? Dave, Josh and I were all poised to roll the minor-allies back to Normandy but we all got hungry so called it for teatime. (Stated without much actual knowledge of how many tanks the allies actually had left so may be empty bluster...)

Good report + I think the individual perspective is actually best but works better still with links to others to fill out the picture!

Kruger said...

Updated with corrected spelling (isn't Annatar Sauron? Better not annoy the Dark Lord)

Added links to other reports too...