Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dystopian Wars Terrain

Hey Folks,

Did this awhile ago, but here is the first 2' by 2' section of my naval terrain I am making for my impending Prussian Empire fleet;

Steam Punk Oil/ Sturginum drilling platform

So, brass and bricks and wood!

Some of Poochs KoB Destroyers dropping off prisoners to the  Australian Re-education  and Scrivening Enclave (or A.R.S.E Prison Island)

Back of the A.R.S.E facility, with the General Population and Main Prison Admin building. 

Little Arse Island

Little Arse from the other side

Bottom is High Security, Middle General Population and the single building with out the walls is solitary

Board sans Poochies KoB fleet.

Back of the Island
The boards are 3mm MDF (which is a bit thin)  with the water areas covered in tin foil, sprayed a couple of shades of blue, drybrushed a lighter blue and then given a couple of layers of gloss varnish.

The islands are thick as polystyrene covered in bostik gap filler and then a mix of sand with the rocks being pumice.  Painted with test paints.

The kids helped me cover two open flat boards with foil and I have added foil to another board with islands.

I will be looking to add a landmass to one with a largish city as well.



Rodger said...

Wonderful Kruger. These really do look fantastic. The water effect is brilliant and the islands are just spot on. Very well done to you and your helpers.

Vladdd309 said...

A.R.S.E facility. Quality.

Great terrain though; like most games, Dystopian Wars really benefits from varied terrain.

Than said...

Damn. As usual your terrain puts mine to shame. I'll have to settle for my fleet kicking yours around :-) I've got around 600 points painted and ready to go.

Der Feldmarschall said...

Very cool terrain! Looking to get into DW myself next year, and making terrain for the game should be a lot of fun.

Colonel Shofer said...


Did you SB the little buildings and how?


Kruger said...

Thanks Folks,

I am very much looking forward to painting my Prussians so would love to see how you did yours Than.

Thanks for the comments, the terrain is quite easy to do. The buildings are from the Manopoly City 3D game and a are perfect scale for DW with a wide variety of types. Ill do a blog post in more detail laters.


Colonel Shofer said...

Hehe TY.


bikewrench said...

Frickomn awesome dude!

Jamie said...

Geeez Jason, now you've really put me off building terrain for DW. You've outdone yourself this time.

Shame you don't have ships yet!

scotty said...

Great looking terrain

Craig C said...

That is looking very, very good


Anonymous said...

Any photo that has a caption like "Little Arse from the other side" has me worried!

But seriously, that's some of the best DW scenario I've ever seen. Any chance of a detailed article on the Sturginum drilling platform? There's some parts I recognise but some that I definitely don't.

Kruger said...

Hi Catalyst2,

The Islands are full of Australians...I feel that explains the names ;)

Sorry but I didnt take a WIP photo. The main "Cross" structure is the top of a Epic card building with supports being the plastic lugs. The buildings are from Monopoly 3D while the spire is a 40k Tau Burst Cannon topped with a BFG Chaos Planet Killer Spire bit. The front parts are from Robogear while the fuel dock is from the Cities of Death 40k terrain.

Yeah my bits box is quite varied...