Sunday, October 30, 2011

FJ's @ Conquest 2011

Hey Folks,

Just finished up today at Conquest today and things went pretty well, all my joking about "submarining" after Bob's Para's slaughtered me...but I ended up picking up;
Which was awesome.

After much "list frothing" I ran 6th Fallschirmjager from Market Garden as seen here with the addition of two of  Pooch's Jagdpanthers. I did change the list a little bit to have two 7 stand FJ platoons and a 7 stand FJ Pioneer platoon (with 2 Flamethrowers) and a full HMG platoon.  It was quite a good choice in the end.

I didn't take my camara alas, so in brief;

  • 1st game was vs's Bob's British Paras in a Free Fall on the Bocage Table...went down 1-6 as I sort of faffed about and didn't plan my attack (or defence) well. Bob played a perfect game and let me hang myself out to dry.  Bob's a great man to play too :)
  • 2nd game was vs Simon's British Rifles (with breaching group) in a Fighting night!  Simon hadn't played Fighting Withdrawal before and I hadn't fought at was interesting and bloody.  I managed to hold out in the end with a Jagdpanther and one platoon holding out for just long enough (the full 8 turns) wining it 4-3.  Simon should have won and some unlucky unpinning rolls cost him dear. 
  • 3rd game was vs Adam's Neisei in the City with Not One Step Back.  I had played plenty of cityfighting but it was Adams first fight in the bloody mess that is Urban warfare.  It takes a bit to get used to how the room/ building interaction works and how tough infantry are.  The Arty/Air got my Jagdpanthers in the end but I ground through his flank to take it 5-2.  As with the game vs Simon the HMG's did good work suppressing the enemy infantry.
  • 4th game (today's first game) was vs Jeff's British Rifles (with Croc's and Wasps!) on Craig's Awesome Cassino Table in a No Retreat...and again at night!.  I managed to hold the hordes off and keep most of the flamethrowing vehicles away (no thanks to the Jagdpanthers who continued there suck form).  Jeff failed some critical unpinning checks again and I managed a 6-1 win.
  • 5th and final game was vs Jim's Panzergrenadiers in Dust Up.  We both had never played this mission before and it was quite interesting.  We each set up a strong defensive fort in our quarters and once it was obvious he wouldn't come to me (which would have been suicide) I sent a platoon with Vondy off  over a river and towards his edge and my incoming reserves.  Jim had two Tiger I's (ROF3) waiting for my flanking Jagdpanthers and we traded fire with the Jagd's coming off best but losing one in the process. My flanking force got pinned down but the platoon on the trek got in and grabbed the objective after a bitter fight.  This left my initial defence force weak and Jim's flank force almost pushed through and grabbed MY objective.  In the last turn my PaK's ran away so 5-2
Estella picked up a well deserved Best Sports with Pooch and Craig 1st equal, but Craig landing 1stPlace (for like the 10th time :)) as he defeated Pooch in their game.

Thanks heaps to Stephen S for running it and Comic's Compulsion for Hosting the event. 



Rodger said...

Congrats Jason. There were some very nice tables set up for the FoW games.

The Kiwi said...

Awesome. Great report and sounds like a fun event. FJ with Vondy is a real tough list. I played it at a tourney a while back and had a ball.

Kruger said...

Thanks Guys,

It was a good list in that the FJ's and Vondy did well, but the Jagd's and PzFaust Trap Teams were a bit suck. Id rather take a FE2 List and spned those 500+ points on some "proper" armoured support and maybe some Artillery.

Overall you cant go wrong with lots of FV Infantry.

Craig C said...

Well done Jason. I thoroughly enjoyed all my games and had some real nail-biters that went my way. This year was my turn to take the get out of jail free card back off Poochie so am happy with that.

We are unofficially calling it first equal- which is much fairer :)

Kruger said...

Oh yeah, I totally got lucky sometimes as well and I was often hoping that the remnants of my forces would hold out! Luckily for me they usually did.

1st Equal is fair enough!

Jamie said...

Congrats again Jason - I'm thinking the Ironman (geddit) challenge for next year is for people to turn up with tank coys.

Real tank coys, not some slow assault guns with a big infantry platoon and arty in support.

Who's with me.


Craig C said...

Sounds good

Does "proper" i.e. Armoured (half tracked) Mechanised count too?


Jamie said...

Most definitely, in fact that was the lines I was thinking along today. Something like either GP PzGren or 'I can't believe its not German' Rota.

I hear Panzer Lehr is quite the competitor's army these days but I think there are a few possibilities out there with the recostings and more importantly these are fun mobile lists that attack infantry!


bikewrench said...

My post got kicked for reason the other day.
Congrats bro!