Friday, October 10, 2014

Infinity: Nomads vs Pan O "The Hit"

Hey Folks,

Played another YAMS game vs Jamie's dirty Pan Oceania last night.  I drew as my four mission cards; 

Kill the Leader (lieutenant kill)
Kill the Boffin (so a specialist) 
Flag Kill (destroy there flag) 
Blockade (keep them out of my deployment zone) 

All up this gave me a mission brief that seemed like a surgical strike to remove their C3 structure, so it's a contracted "Hit" for whoever is paying my Corrigador Nomad Merc team, also known as "The Collectors" 
Love this Operation Ice Storm art! 

I decided to NOT take a link team. I've found them a bit tricky to use so decided to keep it simple. 
List is a real tool box of options. I've gone for some decent board control with 2 mine layers (tomcat and reaction zond) and the Koalas.  Didn't quite go the way I wanted though...

Jamie had his usual Rem heavy list with two Siera REM, two auxila with their Aux Bots, the obligatory ORC heavy infantry, a hacker, his Maori infiltrator, crazy Crusader drop troop and his newest toy - the TO heavy infantry Swiss Guard with HMG (eek), who started in hidden deployment...

Pile up at the cross roads! We did joke that the zebra crossing should be an ARO safe zone! 

Once again I lost the lieutenant will power roll. Sigh. I chose to take the far side (with the bus) so I could advance up the highway using the truck pile up as cover. 

First turn the Croc Man lays two mines under the fire engine - this really locked down the centre board. He then leans round the corner to snap a shit off at Lupe, who manages to drop a smoke template (the cd). Emboldened by this new "cover" he sprints too the car...but nowhere is safe from Mr Smiley. My HMG toting intruder "decloaks" on the container at the bottom of the screen, spies the croc man through the smoke with his Multi spectral visor and nails him with an HMG shot! Mr Smiley grins, but soon the smile is wiped from his face as the Nisse sniper who can just see him drops him. Boo! 
Meanwhile Jamie's Sierra has moved up and force my total reaction zond to pull back at range as I couldn't hit the damn thing (-12 to hit through a bad range band, cover and it's optical disruption device) Mr Smiley is down and my Moran and his Koalas can't move forward due to the mines under that fire truck...
To force the issue and draw some of Jamie's models away from the flank I run in my Tomcat on the left flank.  He runs up an deploys a mine for when the other Siera comes around the corner...feeling all sneaky he gets a hell of a shock when a Swiss Gaurd decloaks next to the white car transporter and opens up with an HMG! Somehow the first shot misses (needs 17, Jamie roles 18 lol) but as the tom cat try's to scarper he gets nailed. 

Trying to stop the Swiss rampage I run my Tysklon REM up and he lobs a Fuerbach shot at the Nisse (he's perched behind that container with the white roof panels) but misses and is pasted. So much for using him as a repeater to hack the Swiss Gaurd! 
Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Hellcat air drops in to nail the Hacker and the Flag (and I found out later Jamie's auxila LT!) at the back if the field with her boarding shotgun.  Sadly I rolled a "20" so failed the PH roll spectacularly and she ended up in my deployment zone after she scattered off the table :( 
This is the last photo I took.  My hellcat's dispersion had her drop in on a flank to the right of the phot above. This allowed her to target the auxila and auxbot behind d the fire truck with her shotgun and blow them and a mine away. She clears the next mine and is feeling smug until the Pan O Crusader sneaks in behind her and guns her down :( 

Meanwhile the Nisse claims another kill and takes out my Reaction Zond. Jamie's Swiss Gaurd runs past my mine that the Tomcat dropped and takes a wound. His Orc moves up as well and Mr Grim swings into action, decloaking and putting a wound on the Pan O heavy infantry, which ducks into cover.

 In my turn Mr Grim sneaks up and speculatively lobs a grenade at the Orc. The first one misses but the second skips over the container the HI is lurking behind and cleans his clock :) Lupe the remember she has a Panzerfaust and goes Nisse hunting. The first rocket only draws the Nisse's fire and Lupe is pegged...the Nisse is premature in chalking up his fourth kill. Lupe has V.Dogged so stands back up, fires of her last rocket and has the satisfaction of watching the Nisse explode messily before she passes out. That felt good! I also hunt down the Crusader with my Moran but by then it's game over man. 

So Jamie managed to achieve two objectives with Search the Crate and Assess while I denied his fourth point and gained my one point by taking out his Crusader. 

Great Game Jamie! 

The more I play Infinity the more I like it :) 


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Infinity: Nomad Corregidor Jurisdictional Command - Take 2

Hey Folks,

Re based with some new additions :) 
All ready to covertly steal your data...or burn your stuff!
Mr Grim and Mr Smiley - my two Intruders. These guys have Thermoptic Camo so can go effectively invisible...
Two Aguciles - A Hacker to the Left and a standard Combi Rifle grunt with a bad attitude!
Two Wild Cats and a Hellcat
And finally my Lunkhod Remote with two crazy Koalas.  I love these little guys! They just want to give you a hug...then explode!

Hex bases are Mosaic tiles I scored off trademe. Seemed more "Sci-fi" too me. 

Next up more nomads if my Operation: Ice Storm pre-order ever ships from Wayland :(


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Terrain: 1:48 Modern Civilian Vehicles

Hey Folks, 

Quick post about my latest find: cheap as plastic 1:48 scale plastic toy cars :)

These are cheap as (I paid $35 for all the vehicles except the Bus, which was $10) and are quite well detailed for the price. Hit with a light dusting of grey spraypaint, some brown ink wash and a quick and dirty dry brush they came up pretty nicely! 

Boom. Some modern vehicles for Moderns/ Zombies/ Post apoc or even Infinity. I also have this helicopter
Which I May Infinity up and convert or leave it for less Scifi games. 

You can by these at the warehouse in the Kids Toys isle NZ Peeps :) 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Infinity: Nomad Corregidor Jurisdictional Command

Hey Folks,

My latest "ooh shiney" project: Nomads from Infinity by Corvus Belli. 

Corregidor is one of the three ships that make up the Nomad nation. Descended from criminals they are the "muscle" and are sought after mercenaries as well as around hard bastards :)

Hanging around outside an old world school. Photos a bit average :(
Wildcat Link team. These guys and gals pack Combi Rifles and Light flamethrowers! Mean. I do need two more including some heavy weapons though. 
Intruder with Combi Rifle. This guy is spec ops and has Thermal Optic camo so you can't see him...until he "decloaks" and assainates you! (Think Ghost in the Shell, but no need to get naked lol) Could not resist painting a skull face on his mask :)
Aguciles Hacker. She is a light infantry trooper and I am looking to get enough Agucile to form another link team. Jamie and I went halves in the new Operation Ice Storm starter set for Infinity so I will get another three there. 
Hellcat Drop Trooper. She is also armed with a Combi Rifle and can drop into the enemy back field to raise some mayhem. 

I must say that Corvus Belli models are simply some of the nicest models I have ever painted. I really love the design as it's so close to Mass Effect. The paint scheme is inspired by Cerberus (one of ME's protagonists) 

I'm not sure on the basing though. I might replace with custom bases from somewhere. 


Friday, July 18, 2014

BFG Star Wars: Rebel Fleet Redux

Hey Folks,

My obsession with all things Star Wars continues, this time with a repaint of my Rebel Fleet I collected ages ago. Jamie and I ported over the ships from GW's Battle Fleet Gothic as it's a nice fleet scale game and suits the Star Wars "broadsides in space" type capital ship battles. 

I wasn't happy with the paint jobs previously, especially on the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers. These are from Odyssey Slipways and while nice models they didn't have panel lines engraved, so I added these with Mica pen and highlighting. 

Ready to throw off Imperial Oppressors the 7th Rimward Fleet is painted with the red markings of the Old Republic in remembrance of the former Republic and as a sign of its mission to restore it. 
Three Mon Calamari Star Cruisers are the core of the fleet. The MC-80 and MC-80 (Winged) Star Cruisers (bottom and middle) are the Odyssey Slipways ships. These count as a Grand Cruiser and a Battleship respectively. The top Star Cruiser is a converted Viscount Star Defender from Wizards of the Coast Starship Battles. I'm counting it as an MC-90 Star Cruiser which is also a battleship. The three transports are WotC Gallofree Yards Transports which are way out if scale (about 5 times too big!) so I'm counting them as Bulk Cruisers for escort missions. 
Two of the fleets Cruisers and the Corellian CR-90 Corvette Squadron. The bottom cruiser is an Old Republic Dreadnought which is very slow but fairly tough while the too cruiser is a converted WotC Recusant Class Separatist Light Destroyer (which were used by a Rebel forces after refits in the early days of the Rebellion) 
Two Assault Frigates - fast and hard hitting Drednought conversions - are supported by my Nebulon-B/B2 Squadron. I did have frigates but one broke :(
Carrier Support - a captured Imperial Escort Carrier (the flying box) and a refitted Munificence Class Battle Cruiser (General Grevious's flag ship from Revenge of the Sith) 

Photos are a bit average and a few stands to paint but otherwise job done. Next up I will pick the (mostly chaos) BFG ships that best match and build a roster. Hope to get a game in tomorrow!



Sunday, July 6, 2014

X-Wing: Target Aquired

Hey Folks,

Long time no post. Recently I've become quite addicted (there is a trend here...) with Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing game. Like most people who play (and there is are a lot in Christchurch) the easy game rules, pretty pre painted models and the chance to make "pew pew" noises is quite appealing. 

I've a modest collection of Wave 1-4 ships for the Imperials and the Rebels but none of the big toys yet. 

I popped round to a work colleagues place for a game today and Steve is one of those guys with everything, including this;

The Tantive IV, a corvette with a whole lot of guns...  Imperials lack huge ships so far so I was going to have to bring some minnows to bring down this whale
Target Acquired. Steve lent me some of his Imperial swarms so I had my Defender (Brath) with a couple his academy TIEs and two TIE bombers, one of whom was Jonus. The Bombers were packing concussion missiles and proton torpedoes while the Brath had concussion missiles as well. The imperial plan revolved around focus firing swarms of ordinance and hoping something sticks...
The bombers bear in with their fighter escorts while the Tantive puts som heavy fire at range that I dodge relatively easily 
But I don't dodge this! A TIE pilot gets too close and crashes into the fore structure, being destroyed instantly! 
Missiles Away! Three concussion missiles rip into the front of the beast and shred the fore shields before heavily damaging the front section. A May have said at this point "We have you now" :) 
So what happened?!

Firstly my iPad died so I couldn't take photos ;) 

I banked left and overshot dropping target locks on the beast as it banked to chase. I then k-turned with the bombers and volleyed off the proton torpedoes that resulted I. The front section being crippled. Meanwhile my other tie had been harrying its flank and got shot down in a hail of quad laser cannon fire while Jonus got smashed by a Turbolaser battery at range. Brath in his Defender had managed to get around behind the beast and start to shred the engines. Alas Brath got too close and the Tantive swung around and swatted him with its rear end (lol) 

I'm sure we got some stuff wrong but it was super fun!

We also played a game prior where Steve ran an upgraded Chewie Falcon and Ibitsim in her B-Wing. I had two Royal Guard Interceptors, a PS1 Defender and a Sigma Squadron Phantom 
A good game. I crashed into the falcon way too much but in the end took it out by ignoring Ibitsim (and getting luck on the evades) and focusing on Chewie before the turret could kill my fragile interceptors. Sigma Squadron Phantoms are nowhere near as cool as Echo with the Advanced Cloaking Device (which I didnt have) but combined with my defender managed to eventually outmanoeuvre the B-Wing and bring her down.

Next up for X-Wing: Pirates!



Saturday, May 3, 2014

Warhammer: Restless Spirits

Hey Folks,

Finished the spirit units and my Liche Lord for my Ides of May list. 
Liche Lord
Banshee and Wraith
All done with the airbrush, the edges highlighted with white.

Next up Grave Guard :)


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Warhammer: Vampire Counts "Ides of May" WIP "Barrows" Army

Hey Folks,

Had a couple of games with a new spirit themed Vampire Counts list. Idea is it's a Barrows Old Undead lest with nothing even semi-alive so no Ghouls, Zombies or even Vampires!

My spellcasters are Liches which are just necromancers with no legs (partially Ethereal) and skinny arms. As usual I've gone over the top with the models...
Not the best photo but here is the WIP Liche Lord hovering over a shrine with screaming skulls sort sorrounding him. He's next to a Wraith (also converted) and a skellie for scale.

I'm pretty happy with the 1600pt list. It has;

Liche Lord - lvl 3 Necromamcer wth Dispel Scroll
Liche - lvl 1 Necromancer
Wight King
Cairn Wraith
39 Skellies - sword, shields, full cmd
29 Skellies - spear, shields, full cmd
22 Grave Guard - sword, shields, champ, standard
1 Spirit Host
1 Spirit Host
5 Hexwraiths 
Black Coach

So All the spirits on the list! 

So far I've had a massacre by Dwarves :( and a good win vs Empire

On with the painting !


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Holiday Gaming: Natcon Post Apoc Skirmash and some Warhammer Fantasy

Hey Folks,

I'm on leave over the Easter and Anzac period. This ties in nicely with the kids school holidays so while I do get to spend a whole week with them I'm also free for a week so roll on some Gaming! 

Natcon: Post Apoc Skirmish

The NZ national wargaming convention was held at the Shirley club by the Cavaliers this year and the Stephen (the organiser) kindly let us set up a table for some demo action 

This was a combined effort with the board, over pass and scratch built shantys from Andy (of Andys Armies blog) and my buildings. Jamie (Rough War of the Ring) and Adam (Panzerfaust Nostalgia) bought along there Wastelanders and Reavers respectively while I had my Brotherhood and Andy his New Republic troopers

We played three games over two days and managed to get some good input into the game design from some folks as well as simplify it (a lot) so it's now running really smoothly. Much hilarity ensued as various encounters occurred as well as some interesting post battle results! 
This is what happens when you fail your agility test to cross the (recently) damaged trackway...
Aargh - Robots in the fallout away! 

We also had a Bluetooth speaker streaming the appropriate soundtrack from my phone :) 

MORE Post Apoc!

Got another game in with Jamie the other night as well. This time we introduce a card system for the order mechanic and tightened up some of the modifiers and reactions. This worked way better than using dice as well.
My guys are over by the house and the truck. Mission was to search the central part of town to find a stash of goodies. We ended up in a vicious fire fight where the medics worked overtime (perhaps too well) so we didn't quite make it and we ended up drawing. Game flowed really smoothly and is definitely getting there! 
Face cards = Pain. Where the hell did the robots come from?!

Warhammer Fantasy: Undead vs Skaven

Popped round to Nathan's (Spanner in the Works) place today for some WHFB 1600pt action. I'm trying out a list for his Ides of May tourney in early May. I have gone for a Crypt Spirit theme with Old undead mostly and tried out some Hexwraiths (mounted flaming grim reapers!), Grave Guard and a Banshee along with more skeletons then my Warclouds list. 
This was a mission where the Skaven deploy in square defending some objectives. I have to get them and that's the only objective so more fun then kill em all! 
The banshee did great work screaming 2 units of giant rats to death (I rolled well) before being mashed by the Hellpit Abomination endgame 
 The black coach also carved right through a unit of Rat Ogres before steaming off to help tip the balance in the far right combat. The centre became a grind fest with the grave gaurd taking on a horde of 50 clan rats and the skaven general...
In the end I got lucky and Nathan's dice were terrible as usual for him. I had broken his lines and was on the objectives. We called it for time but the Hellpit and his Generals unit was in good shape so if it had gone further it would have been interesting...

Holiday Plans

Lots to do but the plan is;
1) Keep working on Post Apoc rules
2) Finish Brotherhoid Warband
3) Paint more Skeletons (about 60!) 

Cheers for reading a massive wall of text - congrats if you go this far!