Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Infinity: Nomad Corregidor Jurisdictional Command - Take 2

Hey Folks,

Re based with some new additions :) 
All ready to covertly steal your data...or burn your stuff!
Mr Grim and Mr Smiley - my two Intruders. These guys have Thermoptic Camo so can go effectively invisible...
Two Aguciles - A Hacker to the Left and a standard Combi Rifle grunt with a bad attitude!
Two Wild Cats and a Hellcat
And finally my Lunkhod Remote with two crazy Koalas.  I love these little guys! They just want to give you a hug...then explode!

Hex bases are Mosaic tiles I scored off trademe. Seemed more "Sci-fi" too me. 

Next up more nomads if my Operation: Ice Storm pre-order ever ships from Wayland :(



Andy Tucker said...

I saw the bases and i thought, aww kool! The hexs look great Jas and your minis are looking really nice :D

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy :)

Covus Belli make really, really nice models. To be fair I'm struggling to do them justice as the detail is rediculous and I don't have the patience I used too.

Hexes are red at the front and grey at the back for determining line of fire too

Jamie said...

They look good Jason. I have some paint on all of mine but need to get different blue.

Jason Holland said...

What like electric blue for the Pan-O? ;)

Whatever makes them stand out and easier to shoot...