Saturday, January 4, 2014

Warhammer: Vampire Counts Vampire and Skeleton Unit Complete

Hey Folks, 

Finally finished the first unit for my Vampire Counts
Figures are Mantic. I've gone with a classic Red and Black with Skull Motif to evoke that old school Undead feel. All the skulls are hand painted. 

Theme wise the Vampires are of the Von Carstien Bloodline (however the males have all suffered "accidents" or gone mad and devolved) so the rich dark red works. 
I have also attempted a verdigris wash for the armour, which dosnt show well but I'm happy with it :)

Speaking of Vampires, fresh from her resurrection after a nasty near staking by a Brettonian Lance! 
I love this model. It's full of intricate detail and it was very fun to paint. My iPhone wouldn't auto-macro close enough but the skin has a grey base with a slight flesh tone, suggesting she has just fed. 

Overall pretty happy and this is a third of the army done points wise. 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Battle Report: WHFB Vampire Counts vs Brettonians

Hey Folks,

Popped over to my mate Issacs place last night and he hosted a game between my Vampire Counts and another mate, Gareth's, Knights of Bretonnia in a 1200pt game of Fantasy

The Bretonnians are a heavily Fuedal French inspired army with lots (and lots) of knights. In fact Gareth had; 

Mounted Paladin (Hero) General
Mounted Paladin Battlestandard
Foot Paladin
12 Knights of the Realm
12 MORE Knights of the Realm 
20 odd Peasents with Halberds 

So three units - all lead by Heros...and mostly heavy lance armed knights who, while still only human are significantly better than my hordes of the Undead

I took, 

Lord Fitzwilliam Darcy, Strigoi Ghoul King 
Elizabeth Bennett, Vampire
39 Skeletons with Spears
23 Crypt Ghouls
20 Zombies
Terrorghiest (a gigantic flying undead bat that can scream so loud you die...) using my Uber Varghulf model (it's about the same size!)

Deployment was Simple
From the undead lines - Terrorghulf on the left flank, then Zombie fodder, Ghouls with Lord Darcy and Elizabeth leading the Skeletons with a river anchoring the right Flank. Gareth deployed a Lance of Knights (special formation: 3 wide ranks with each model able to attack along the sides...which in this case is 9 knights fighting. it's awesome except it has very vulnerable flanks) on either flank with the Peasants holding the centre.
The Brettonians all knelt to Pray to the Lady of the Lake. This gives up the first turn but gives them a 6+ ward save for the Knights, which increases to 5+ if hit by strength 5+. Given I had no offensive magic (chose Invocation for both my casters) I have Gareth the first turn anyway. Predictably they surged forward and the shot above is Brettonian turn two  after they cantered forward and I moved forward slightly. Meanwhile the Terrorghulf had landed beside the left Knight Lance and screamed 3 to death...then they crashed into my lines.
Here we see Elizabeth fighting the Paldin General. She leapt lighting fast and struck him a severe blow but was unable to pull him down before she was pinned to the ground with a lance. Poor Elizabeth - she will be back... Meanwhile the Zombies exploded in an orgy of lances, horse hooves and a massive combat res difference. Funnily the Lance fighting my Skeletons failed their fear test, even with the re-roll for the BSB but they still managed to win the combat, causing more skeletons to crumble.
Gradually being worn down...
Meanwhile the Ghouls, led by Lord Darcy surge forward and Darcy rips the foot paladin to bits while the Ghouls mash the Peasants. This is after Darcy "combat miscast" and killed 7 ghouls, 7 peasants, wounded himself and the paladin! The peasants run and are ruthlessly pulled down. And then eaten. 
Here we see the Terrorghulf working through the other Knight Lance. He has  been screaming them to death - and here has just eaten the Paladin Battlestandard. The Terrorgulf was wounded but due to the awesome magic lore got the wounds back when Lord Darcy miscast. 
Skeletons almost all gone...
By now the Skeletons are dead, the remaing Lance turns around and faces off against my Ghouls and Lord Darcy...
The Paladin, fearing to face Lord Darcy sends a Knight Champion to face him. Darcy rips him in half. 
The Paladin now steels himself to face Darcy. Darcy avenges Elizabeth and slices him apart...while the ghouls pull down the last of the Knights

Thanks for the game Gareth, bloody, brutal and quite fun! I must admit I do like the Strigoi at this points level. He is a mincer even with no upgrades other than Dread Knight (giving him Weapon Skill 8, but he always has to challenge). Zombies were, well, crap so will swap then out for a couple of Bat Swarms I think