Saturday, January 4, 2014

Warhammer: Vampire Counts Vampire and Skeleton Unit Complete

Hey Folks, 

Finally finished the first unit for my Vampire Counts
Figures are Mantic. I've gone with a classic Red and Black with Skull Motif to evoke that old school Undead feel. All the skulls are hand painted. 

Theme wise the Vampires are of the Von Carstien Bloodline (however the males have all suffered "accidents" or gone mad and devolved) so the rich dark red works. 
I have also attempted a verdigris wash for the armour, which dosnt show well but I'm happy with it :)

Speaking of Vampires, fresh from her resurrection after a nasty near staking by a Brettonian Lance! 
I love this model. It's full of intricate detail and it was very fun to paint. My iPhone wouldn't auto-macro close enough but the skin has a grey base with a slight flesh tone, suggesting she has just fed. 

Overall pretty happy and this is a third of the army done points wise. 



Craig C said...

Outstanding Jason!

I really need to get some of those mantic skellies!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Craig,

They are so cheap too! Full of great detail and very easy to assemble. Also more true scale than heroic, they are still bigger than Perry but smaller than GW and they have pretty good proportions. They are a tad cartoon evil looking with the skulls but it works for me.

Their Zombies are also awesome, if limited in poses. Same for the ghouls which are more cannibal looking rather than GWs gollum inspired

bikewrench said...

Mate those look great!
Great painting job, the classic colors and skull motif really work for me!

Jamie said...

I like them. Brass and Red is a great scheme.

Mantic do cool undead.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Guys,

I like them :)

Not sure what's next, a centerpiece or more infantry? Decisions decisions

Andy Tucker said...

Great job Jas, the unit looks great all together and based up.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy!