Friday, February 7, 2014

Warhamer: Vampire Counts Warclouds Army Done

Hey Folks,

Got this done at the last minute as usual! 

Will post a tourney report with photos and the list later, but for now here is the 1200pt army complete :)

Lord Darcy and Lady Elizabeth's Retinue
Shades of those who displeased their hosts with bad manners at the dinner table 
Lord Darcy and his Servants
The Bennett Family Conveyance. Yes, it can fly... :)



Craig C said...

They look awesome, even more so in the flesh so to speak. Have you done a tutorial on your family conveyance?

Jamie said...

They have come up great, Jason. My favourite is the spirit hosts. Very cool.

But.... is that a display board? The warcrimes court at the Hague will be hearing about this :p

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Guys,

Nope - no tutorial sorry! I really do need to start doing these...

Yes it's a base board. I know.

Tourney went well, 3 wins, a Draw and 2 losses so ended up in the upper part of the pack - just waiting on rankings :)