Sunday, February 9, 2014

Warhamner: Warclouds Tournament Report - The Plan

Hey Folks, 

It was a busy weekend on the social Calender and after six "dinner  engagements" Lady Elizabeth Bennett relaxes in her coffin, well pleased with how the proceedings went. 

Surely not all were a resounding success (Lord Darcy's manners have been known to be lacking on occasion, and he is short of temper alas) but she is well fed and enjoyed her "conversationals" held with a range of prey. 

Elizabeth (on the right) showing her displeasure that anothe lady wore the same dress to the dance

A great weekend was had at a Warclouds with the Vampire Counts double team my little bro Nathan and I took doing pretty well - this will be a long post and I will break it into three parts, 

The Plan
The Plan goes Wobbly (Day 1)
Stick to the Plan! (Day 2) :)

The Plan; VC Double Team "Pride and Predation" :) 

Nathan and I decided to take double VCs, mainly as this is what we had but also for all the synergies we could take advantage of with the magic lore, like raising each other troops and healing out Heros/ Griblies with the lore attribute. We also went for less combos, a reasonable number of troops and enough magic to get us through. All up we only had four magic 2400pts total. 

Nathan took a Necrach (IE Magic Heavy) list;

Lazareth - Master Necromancer, lvl 3, 4+ Ward and Dispel Scroll, Master of the Dead (Raise skellies abive starting sizes)
The Vampire with no Name - Vampire, lvl 1, Beguile (entrances enemies) Extra hand Weapon, Heavy Armour
Elvis - Wight King, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Skeleton Stead 
39 Sword and Board Skeletons - Horde with Vampire
19 Spear Skellies - Necro Bunker
9 Black Knights - fully armoured up and with Elvis
2 Bat Swarms 

While I took the list I have been play testing. 

Lord Darcy - Strigoi Ghoul King, Dreadknight (+2 Weapon Skill taking it to 8!, but has to challenge) 
Lady Elizabeth - Vampire, Dreadknight, Lvl 2, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield 
39 Spear Skellies - Elizabeth's Guard
27 Ghouls - Darcy's Manservants 
2 single Spirit Hosts
Black Coach

Plan was to soak damage on the two skellie hordes and coach and use the Ghouls and Black Knights as the hammers, plus the coach if it lives. Spirit Hosts tarpit while the bats support the knights by giving always strikes last to the enemy, so the knights strike first. Vampires give combat support to the hordes and a bit of magic, Master Necro buffs/ raises the hordes and slings the odd offensive spell. As long as our magic phase didn't let us down we should win wars of attrition...

Overall this worked. Mostly. Except for when things started to go to hell in the hand basket...

Coming soon - Part 2 - Warclouds first Day

Cheers for reading the wall of text :)



Niblet said...

Was awesome to get a game against you guys again. I won't bury the lead... ;)

Jason Holland said...

Cheers mate - good to get a game in after bloody ages. I see you have avoided your armour save issue by not having armour (zombies)...cunning!