Friday, February 21, 2014

Flames of War: last minute 21.PD reinforcements

Hey Folks,

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! 

Day of Days is less than 9 hours away and my (small) contribution to the combined 21.PD force Andy and I are taking is done. 
They are not as shiny as the look but it's;

4 Buete StuHs (105mm guns on captured French chassis)
Motorcycle Scouts
6 Trucks

Painted at my Nanas place after I drove down.

Andy (being the machine he is) painted twice as much and built a whole Normandy Bocage table. In less than a month!

Looking forward to tomorrow - now I need to sleep!



Jamie said...

Good luck have fun :-)

Jason Holland said...

Cheers - win and a draw so far :)