Saturday, December 21, 2013

Warhammer: Vampire Counts WIP and test Models

Hey Folks, 

I have been more productive than usual and now have 1200points built, based, primed and ready to paint. 
Crappy photo I know, and they are all primed grey, but this is;

39 Skeletons with Spears and full Command led by a Vampire
29 Ghouls led by a Strigoi Ghoul King (lord level vampire mincing machine) 
3 Varghiests
The Uber Varghulf

Painted up a selection of test models, all using a technique with a grey tone mix in each colour stage to get a faded undertone going on. They are also dipped at the post basecoat stage, and then highlighted up. 
Orange is the unifying colour but I'm not sure on it. Basing is GF9's wasteland set with Army Painter tufts. Didn't take too long so should be easy to smash out :)


Friday, December 20, 2013

Warhammer: Vampire Counts Varghulf WIP

Hey Folks, 

Now I'm back into blogging I thought I would post today's WIP - a $15 Varghulf for my Vampire Counts undead army. 

Varghulfs are, according to the army book Vampires who have let their bestial nature run unchecked ,supplanting their personality, and have devolved into deformed ravenous beasts, swollen on a constant diet of red meat. 

They are also dead hard on the table, being tough, cheapish monsters with Regeneration. 

Now the GW model is pants, and also (as usual) expensive. I was wandering through Toyworld today and spied this: 
A Scheligh fantasy range "human bat". $30 but half price today! Score. The girl at the counter was a bit put out by it and thought it was odd :) 

In comparison here is the GW model: 

Now it's more than twice the size of GW model, but rediculously large centrepieces is kind of "my thing" :)  It wouldn't do to just plonk him down as is (though it's tempting to make the grognards squeal) so I decided to convert him a bit and give him some hair, to match my Varghiests (baby Varghulfs with less of a kill count) 
He is on a Chariot base...which is twice the size of a stock Varghulf's 50mm square but oh well! In case your wondering how big he actually is here is a size comparison with a Mantic Skellie (28mm scale) and a "proper" Varghiest
So he is HUGE, and not a large target according to the rules lol. Yes he will be painted. 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back in Action! Panzers, Fallout and the Undead

Hey Folks, 

It's been awhile sorry! I'm still beavering away at a few projects and will post updates as I get there. 

Recently we had to move out due to EQC repairs and as work had been very busy (Christmas - retail - enough said!) It's been somewhat challenging! 

First up I have a new work station :) 
So I should be a bit more productive now

I currently have three projects on the hop. 

21st Panzer Division Panzer and Motorised Panzergren Kompanies for FOW

Currently awaiting the models this is an army for Craig's Day of Days in Feburary. It's a team event and I'm going with Andy  (Andys Armies is his blog) 

Good army to try out the Airbrush on :)

Fallout Tabletop Wargame

As Jaime alluded to I have been scheming to get a tabletop version of my favourite computer game going. I have a lot of models and terrain underway for this (and so does Andy, his terrain is looking awesome) so will get pics up when it's organised. Jamie's doing the game rules while I'm working on the campaign side. 

Undead Warhammer Army

I have always been a fan of the Undead. I'm taking a ghoul heavy army as part of an undead tag team with my little brother (he's not that little now!) to Warclouds at Woolston in February. Here is were I'm at so far; 

So lots to do! Going to spray and dip :)

Will try to be a bit more regular with the updates!