Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back in Action! Panzers, Fallout and the Undead

Hey Folks, 

It's been awhile sorry! I'm still beavering away at a few projects and will post updates as I get there. 

Recently we had to move out due to EQC repairs and as work had been very busy (Christmas - retail - enough said!) It's been somewhat challenging! 

First up I have a new work station :) 
So I should be a bit more productive now

I currently have three projects on the hop. 

21st Panzer Division Panzer and Motorised Panzergren Kompanies for FOW

Currently awaiting the models this is an army for Craig's Day of Days in Feburary. It's a team event and I'm going with Andy  (Andys Armies is his blog) 

Good army to try out the Airbrush on :)

Fallout Tabletop Wargame

As Jaime alluded to I have been scheming to get a tabletop version of my favourite computer game going. I have a lot of models and terrain underway for this (and so does Andy, his terrain is looking awesome) so will get pics up when it's organised. Jamie's doing the game rules while I'm working on the campaign side. 

Undead Warhammer Army

I have always been a fan of the Undead. I'm taking a ghoul heavy army as part of an undead tag team with my little brother (he's not that little now!) to Warclouds at Woolston in February. Here is were I'm at so far; 

So lots to do! Going to spray and dip :)

Will try to be a bit more regular with the updates! 



The Kiwi said...

Yep. That's lots to do. But good fun.

bikewrench said...

Good to see you back in action mate!
Stoked for fallout as well as day of days.
I just randomly found where you got those awesome fallout minis.

Jason Holland said...

Brother Vinni is a pretty good sculptor yes.

Jamie said...

It is bad that you showed me he has an actual NCR Ranger. I think they will not mix weel with the figs I was planning to get.

But on the other hand 10ish Vinni models made up of about 3 poses at his price....

Good to see your are back on the blogging wagon. :)