Saturday, December 21, 2013

Warhammer: Vampire Counts WIP and test Models

Hey Folks, 

I have been more productive than usual and now have 1200points built, based, primed and ready to paint. 
Crappy photo I know, and they are all primed grey, but this is;

39 Skeletons with Spears and full Command led by a Vampire
29 Ghouls led by a Strigoi Ghoul King (lord level vampire mincing machine) 
3 Varghiests
The Uber Varghulf

Painted up a selection of test models, all using a technique with a grey tone mix in each colour stage to get a faded undertone going on. They are also dipped at the post basecoat stage, and then highlighted up. 
Orange is the unifying colour but I'm not sure on it. Basing is GF9's wasteland set with Army Painter tufts. Didn't take too long so should be easy to smash out :)



Jamie said...

I'm not sure about the orange on that Skeleton but like it on that monster thing. Still, I tend to like my traditional primary colours a lot, so may not have the best eye for colour schemes?

Looking forward to getting crushed by the undead. Not idea what I am doing anyway but I hear taxes are inevitible, and what's the other thing?

Jason Holland said...

Thanks for the game last night, even though it was not good to be alive...:)

Agree on the orange - will try some other colours

Jamie said...

Had heaps of fun, despite being crushed mercilessly.

Humans vs Undead are a great matchup.