Saturday, October 26, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Broadside Battledrones Finished

Hey Folks,

Unfortunately real life and work ate all my time last week so I had to pull out of Conquest :(

I found I was rushing the army and I decided that given how much time, effort and money I had spent on it it's not worth doing a half assed job. 

Today I've had a nice relaxing day with the house to myself so I've gone back and finished the Broadside Battledrones.
I'm quite happy with them. They are actually yellow instead of Tau Sept Ochre but dullcoat and my phone washes this out. 

Basing is inspired by this amazing short sci film, Ruin: 



Andy Tucker said...

Looking great Jas,
especially the basing and the light effect on the weapons etc.
This lot all together finished is going to look pretty frikn awesome

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy! Loving putting the time and effort in for these :)

bikewrench said...

Those look super cool mate. Let's do some sci-fi destruction!

Lee said...

These Suits look great, how did you do the legs?