Saturday, October 19, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Broadside Battledrone Done!

Hey Folks, 

Quick update as I have plenty to do as conquest is next weekend! 

I recently bought and Airbrush and have been busy spraying Yellow...

It's quick and dirty but I'm pretty happy with the results! The airbrush makes the yellow actually achievable in a decent timeframe. Then it's a quick block in for the the dark and light grey and red. Watered black wash with a touch of soap and then highlight up, add the Emeral green. Base and done. 

One down 14 suits, 11 Drones, 2 Riptides and 4 Vehicles to go. 



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skippy the wonder dog said...

Such a dick man. I can't wait to see the rest done. Sorry I couldn't find any binoculars for you.