Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Drone Gunship

Hey Folks, 

Inspired by the "Hover-Killers" from Terminator and the Dropship from Aliens...

Drone EX-22 Support Gunship 
Armed with: Two twin Ion Rifle Turrets, two Seeker missiles, two Missile Pods (top of wings) and 4 Termobaric tactical guided munitions (large missiles under the wings - these count as a Pulse Bomb generator (which I thought looked stupid)) and a Networked Markerlight
Engine assembly and tail ECM/ Chaff dispenser 
Loaded for Bear!

Counts as a Sunshark bomber, it should be a world of hurt on hordes as the Pulse Bomb is the large 5" blast and ignores cover...

18 days to Conquest and only one unit painted...good news is that the Heavy Battledrones requested have finally made it in country and are soon to arrive at the forward depot for calibration and pre deployment checks. :)


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