Saturday, October 12, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Heavy Battlerdrone

Hey Folks,

My Riptides arrived finally so in a fit of excitement I quickly built one AND only converted it in a minor fashion to fit the rest of the army. Which I thought was quite restrained for me...but it's an awesome kit. 

And it's HUGE

XV-104E Heavy Battledrone armed with an Ion Accelerator (the huge energy gun) and a twin linked Fusion blaster (above the head) 
Riptides come with a shield generator 
I repositioned the jet pack nacelles and added the much larger air intake off the Pirahna kit as the stock intakes are tiny
Size's not small! My Battledrons are much bigger then a normal crisis suit and they only just come up to its waist...

Next up a "Prime" commander Battledrone 



tripwire said...

Brilliant. Love the repositioning of the jump pack, and the heavy debris field on the base.

Jason Holland said...


Only problem now is I need to paint it...and build the second one :)