Saturday, October 5, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Broadside Battledrones and Missile Drone

Hey Folks,

Some good work done today with the final two Broadside Battledrones built, this time with twin Heavy Rail Rifles;

These are built along the same lines as the previous High Yeild Missile Pack armed broadside with tripod legs, XV-9 torsos and Shas O Rali's head. I've also used the Pulse Submunition Rifles from Shas O Rali with the heat sinks slightly repositioned. I think these make mean Railguns! 
This is my final Geth inspired Drone, this time armed with a Missile Pod. It's quite different from the previous Sniper Drone as it used a Firewarrior torso, a necron head for the pelvis(!)and a new, improved jet pack which used plastic tube, a Firewarrior shoulder pad, necron backplate and parts of a drone. It's a bit rough as it suffered a superglue malfunction but I will tidy it up. I have five more under construction. 
Group shot so far. It's about 500pts worth so the army is a quarter built. 

23 Days to Conquest!


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