Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: Crisis Battledrone v2 and Broadside Battledrone

Hey Folks,

I was struck by sudden inspiration to redo my original Crisis Battledrone concept. The first seemed quite bulky and I thought if there was no real requirement for anyone to be inside the suit then this would change the design philosophy...

First (mostly) painted Crisis Battledrone - just the (magnatised) Paulson Games weapons and base to finish. I've gone for a Stoney White main armour colour as it's a good colour to show off the extensive battle damage. 

The first three Crisis Battledrones.

I've gone for a much narrower cross section as well as an overall smoother and more organic style. It's built around two gun drones sandwiched together. The front torso is half a crisis jet pack and the stealth jet pack for the rear thrusters. Top is off the Devilfish burst cannon support. 

Next up is a Broadside Battledrone
I've gone for a heavy tripod style leg system to give it maximum mobility across a ruined urban battlezone. The torso and head is the Forgeworld XV-9 commander. High Yeild Missiles are from the New Broadside kit while the Smart Missile System are Paulson Games again. I have two more to build - this time with heavy rail rifles.

Conquest is 25 days away so lots of work to do!



Andy Tucker said...

Looking good Jas, I like the armour scheme and your metallic weathering.

Changed my settings just for btw ;)

Andy Tucker said...
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