Friday, September 20, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: AI Sniper Drone

Hey Folks,

A bit more converting done and now I have finalised how I will make my "drones"

Rough storyline I am working on is that my army will represent a test Cadre where Fio cast from the Farsight Enclaves (far away from the restraints of the Etheral caste) are building advanced AI Drones to bolster the Enclaves forces. 

I've gone with a very much Geth inspired anthropomorphic drone, which *may* have been influenced by Necron technology...
Ves'ron'ui Sniper armed with a Longshot Pulse Rifle - in game terms this is a Sniper Drone (and has a stealth field!)
Busines end of the sniper rifle and showing the single large photo receptor which will be the signature design feature of the drones
Sniper Drones are "Jet Pack Infantry" so the tau Fire Warrior shoulder pad makes a good jet pack cowl, under which is a Fire Warrior grenade pack which looks like small vents
And a nice big antennae as it's a drone after all so is a networked AI

Overall now I know how to build them they won't take too long. Just need;

17 more Sniper Drones
6 marker or missile drones
2 shielded missile drones 
2 shield drones 

So a wee bit of work to do!



Andy Tucker said...

Great progress Jas, look forward to taking this on soon.
Perhaps Tomorrows war?

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy - totally compatible with multiple systems :)

More work done too - will post an update soon with Battlesuit v2, Broadside heavy support and Firesight marksmen (spotter) drones

ShyGuy1 said...

this is cool, reminds me of a combonation of a Star Wars battle-Droid and the Geth