Saturday, September 14, 2013

Warhammer 40k Tau: WIP Concept Engram AI Battle Suit and Fire Warrior

Hi Folks,

The SciFi Bug has bit again and amongst the other stuff I have been doing I have taken the plunge and am starting my first 40k army for many years: Tau

I had played 40k since 2nd edition and it was my game of choice for about 10-12 years until I became a bit "over" it with 5th edition and moved to more Historical Games

I have always loved the freedom to convert models however and while Historical games do allow this the scope is limited, whereas with 40k the only lit is my imagination (and time and money!)

There is a tournament coming up at the end of October: Conquest hosted by Comics Compulsion and I figured I would enter. Sadly I don't have an army so I need something I will like and can build and paint in about 5 weeks! Enter: Tau Farsight Enclave

The Farsight Enclave is a supplemental list to the Tau Empire army and crucially allows Crisis Battlesuit Teams as Troops Choices. I am a massive Armoured Core/ Mecha fan so this is right up my alley...I have also just finished Mass Effect 3 on Xbox and have always been a fan of the Geth. 

So: Drone/ AI/ Memory Engram piloted battle suits (think Ghost in the Machine) will be the theme for my Hunter Cadre

Here is the first models;

AI battlesuit - less weapons (these will be magnetised and are on their way) but it is heavily converted using Crisis and Stealth parts. Not sure if I want to add shoulder pads?
AI Fire Warrior: converted out of Necron and Tau bits
Size comparison 

Still thinking on a colour scheme but it will be battle damaged is my thoughts so far. 



Andy Tucker said...

Totally Awesome sauce!
up to your usual great standard... love the kitbash, how to make Tau look even better aaaand you could use these for any Sci-fi system!
I can read your mind!

Colour scheme, I vote Orange or Yellow ;)

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy :)

Orange is in as the secondary with a cold white/ grey as the main. Dark grey tertiary colour.

Not quite sure on the optics and other glowy bits - either Red or maybe just bright white with light effects?

Will have banners etc and be distinctly "space cyber samurai"

And yes - compatibility with other systems was my thoughts!