Friday, August 9, 2013

Skirmish Sangin: Dealing with a Dicker

Hey Folks,

I popped round to Andys for a game of Skirmish Sangin, a great game by Radio Dish Dash out of Wellington that Pooch (who's involved in game design and production) introduced to us. 

It's super fun and while it seems complex at first but it's actually quite simple. We were planing to try 800pts but I was late so we halved it. This gave me a "brick" of four Kiwi Rifles;

Cpl Hemi Brown with his M4
Pvt Andy Taylor with an M4
Pvt Steve Hall with an M4 with a UGL
Pvt John Kerr with an Minimi MG

While the models are actually SAS I just used them as regular rifles (who should have Steyers and helmets but oh well!)

Andy had the dicker, 5 rifles an a anRPG gunner
Somewhere in Helmand - more of Andys great terrain!
The pesky Dicker - comms intercepts have named him as "Zalmai" - silencing him and investigating the compound is the Kiwi mission
The Kiwis arrived from a random table edge, close to the southern most part of the compound
Pvt Kerr moves up and takes what cover he can while Cpl Brown scales the rocks to get a better vantage point. Pvt Taylor moves up to cover the centre.
Contact! Two Terry's are in the southern Pvt Kerr and start firing their AKs...
...and one of them (comms intercept: "Jumah") pegs Pvt Kerr inflicting a critical wound on him (Andy rolled a 19 for damage, body armour stopped 8 points). Poor Pvt Keer falls to the dirt in shock and passes out. Mission change: recover rev
Meanwhile more Terry's appear to the north outside the compound and one of the launches an RPG round at Pvt Hall, who was moving north around some rocks. It misses just, hitting the rock to Pvt Halls left. While his body armour catches all the shrapnel the blast knocks home off his feet and pins him down..,
I would be hitting the dirt too if I had had an RPG go off 10 feet away!
Pvt Taylor fires at another Taliban on the roof of the Southern building...
...and wings him (4 points of damage - boo!
Meanwhile two Terry's run out of the southern building and seem intent on finishing off Pvt Kerr!
Pvt Hall recovers quickly, sights back along the path of the RPG blast and...
Takes him out cleanly with a Head Shot, killing the Terry instantly. Soon Afterwards Pvt Hall is hit and critically wounded...
Brave Cpl Brown screams " Johnny!) and dashes over to administer first aid only to stumble across a Terry right in front on him! He lets rip with his M4 but missed.

At thus point we called it but cheers for the good game!


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