Thursday, May 1, 2014

Warhammer: Vampire Counts "Ides of May" WIP "Barrows" Army

Hey Folks,

Had a couple of games with a new spirit themed Vampire Counts list. Idea is it's a Barrows Old Undead lest with nothing even semi-alive so no Ghouls, Zombies or even Vampires!

My spellcasters are Liches which are just necromancers with no legs (partially Ethereal) and skinny arms. As usual I've gone over the top with the models...
Not the best photo but here is the WIP Liche Lord hovering over a shrine with screaming skulls sort sorrounding him. He's next to a Wraith (also converted) and a skellie for scale.

I'm pretty happy with the 1600pt list. It has;

Liche Lord - lvl 3 Necromamcer wth Dispel Scroll
Liche - lvl 1 Necromancer
Wight King
Cairn Wraith
39 Skellies - sword, shields, full cmd
29 Skellies - spear, shields, full cmd
22 Grave Guard - sword, shields, champ, standard
1 Spirit Host
1 Spirit Host
5 Hexwraiths 
Black Coach

So All the spirits on the list! 

So far I've had a massacre by Dwarves :( and a good win vs Empire

On with the painting !


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Jamie said...

Well if you ever need to nock up some easy wins....

Army is looking good, I like the theme. Angmar!