Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Holiday Gaming: Natcon Post Apoc Skirmash and some Warhammer Fantasy

Hey Folks,

I'm on leave over the Easter and Anzac period. This ties in nicely with the kids school holidays so while I do get to spend a whole week with them I'm also free for a week so roll on some Gaming! 

Natcon: Post Apoc Skirmish

The NZ national wargaming convention was held at the Shirley club by the Cavaliers this year and the Stephen (the organiser) kindly let us set up a table for some demo action 

This was a combined effort with the board, over pass and scratch built shantys from Andy (of Andys Armies blog) and my buildings. Jamie (Rough War of the Ring) and Adam (Panzerfaust Nostalgia) bought along there Wastelanders and Reavers respectively while I had my Brotherhood and Andy his New Republic troopers

We played three games over two days and managed to get some good input into the game design from some folks as well as simplify it (a lot) so it's now running really smoothly. Much hilarity ensued as various encounters occurred as well as some interesting post battle results! 
This is what happens when you fail your agility test to cross the (recently) damaged trackway...
Aargh - Robots in the fallout away! 

We also had a Bluetooth speaker streaming the appropriate soundtrack from my phone :) 

MORE Post Apoc!

Got another game in with Jamie the other night as well. This time we introduce a card system for the order mechanic and tightened up some of the modifiers and reactions. This worked way better than using dice as well.
My guys are over by the house and the truck. Mission was to search the central part of town to find a stash of goodies. We ended up in a vicious fire fight where the medics worked overtime (perhaps too well) so we didn't quite make it and we ended up drawing. Game flowed really smoothly and is definitely getting there! 
Face cards = Pain. Where the hell did the robots come from?!

Warhammer Fantasy: Undead vs Skaven

Popped round to Nathan's (Spanner in the Works) place today for some WHFB 1600pt action. I'm trying out a list for his Ides of May tourney in early May. I have gone for a Crypt Spirit theme with Old undead mostly and tried out some Hexwraiths (mounted flaming grim reapers!), Grave Guard and a Banshee along with more skeletons then my Warclouds list. 
This was a mission where the Skaven deploy in square defending some objectives. I have to get them and that's the only objective so more fun then kill em all! 
The banshee did great work screaming 2 units of giant rats to death (I rolled well) before being mashed by the Hellpit Abomination endgame 
 The black coach also carved right through a unit of Rat Ogres before steaming off to help tip the balance in the far right combat. The centre became a grind fest with the grave gaurd taking on a horde of 50 clan rats and the skaven general...
In the end I got lucky and Nathan's dice were terrible as usual for him. I had broken his lines and was on the objectives. We called it for time but the Hellpit and his Generals unit was in good shape so if it had gone further it would have been interesting...

Holiday Plans

Lots to do but the plan is;
1) Keep working on Post Apoc rules
2) Finish Brotherhoid Warband
3) Paint more Skeletons (about 60!) 

Cheers for reading a massive wall of text - congrats if you go this far!



Rodger said...

Great looking games Jason! The Post Apoc game look fantastic at the Convention. I have put up a few photos of the layout on my blog too!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Rodger or "advertising" on your blog. Your Nappy game looked great too (I've been tempted a few times but the large amount to paint has put me off)

The Kiwi said...

Great looking games.

Chasseur said...

Was really good to see this in person Jason, impressive work and I took some photos which will be posted on my Natcon report also :)

Shuby said...

Amazing fallout terrain.
Very good job!