Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fallout TTG: Post Apoc Terrain Take 2

Hey Folks,

Went round to Andys tonight and finished  off painting some terrain. The town will be known as "Hellvue" - it was "Bellvue" but the B fell off and someone added an H :)

"Hellvue" so far - there are quite a few new additions! 
The Town Hall, Bus Shelter and a Fallout Shelter
Town Hall - was missing the front door in the kit so I blew it out 
First Floor
Second Floor - even has a toilet :)
Fallout Shelter - because any Fallout game needs one of these! Started off as a hotwheels launcher thing it picked up cheap at a community gala. Just needs a sign
Bus Shelter - also a hotwheels piece with extras. 
Frosty Bar - get your irradiated snow cones here!
Finished school and Playground 

Still a few more details, debris and graffiti to add but overall it's getting there!



Grigork said...


Jason Holland said...

Thanks Grigork!

I'm considering turning the town hall into an NCR command post. Fortify up the front entrance, add some boards on the windows and fly the NCR flag...

bikewrench said...

Looking great Jas!

Anonymous said...

What scale buildings did you use? I'm assuming these were model train sets?

Great work on this set!! I'm loving the interiors, i think my favourite is the nuka cola diner though.