Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fallout TTG: WIP School House and Playground

Hey Folks,

Next up - WIP School and Playground because even in a post apocalypse world education is still important :) 
This is another Bachman building, and it came with the awesome playground equipment! The footpath is from a chopped up plastic disposable plate (WAY cheaper then textured plasticard and quicker than cutting out a bazillion cardboard squares). The fire hydrant and kids bikes are from Black Cat Bases
Interior detail: mainly balsa, match sticks and Popsicle sticks. The desks are scratch builds while the chairs are cut down dolls furniture chairs. Wallpaper from the scatch booking kit. The blackboard will be painted, well, black :)

Overall I think this has come up pretty cool :)

Now to paint it!



Andy Tucker said...

Awesome jas.. love th bike. Nice interior mate.. will look awesome with your other stuff

Jason Holland said...

Cheers mate - combined with your shanty town the table look awesome :)

Phil said...

Nice, very nice...