Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fallout TTG: Brotherhood of Steel Squad

Hey Folks,

Finished the first part of my Brotherhood of Steel Faction Warband for our Fallout game. 
Lighting is a bit average but the steel armour is multiple layers and washes (with a green tinge) to try and get that dull  steel armour look from the Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland chapter. I know the Midwest Chapter in the Mojave uses T-51b power armour but as my guys have the older T-45d armour I went darker instead of shiny :)
Knight Estevan with his AER-9 Laser Rifle held in the classic pose
Knight Marco with his Gatling Laser next to Paladin Romeraz. I've had a crack at painting a stylised BOS symbol on there chest plates. 
 I have seen some pictures with the respirator hoses painted a tan/yellow colour so I decided to paint these the same to add a bit of colour to the otherwise bland (but very nice) models. Likewise with the red stripes on the weapons. 

Pretty happy with them. A bit more work to do on Star Paladin Michaela (my Boss) and then I will crack into the rest of them.



Niblet said...

These look amazing Jas. Making me want to play the game again.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks mate - big ups coming from a man of your talent :)

Tried out encounters last night in a test game - Protectertrons in the school was a minor inconvenience but would have been a good source of ammo (as one of my guys ran out lol)