Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fallout TTG: Post Apoc Terrain Take 1

GHey Folks, 

First crack at some Post Apocalyptic terrain for our Fallout Inspired Table Top Game. 

Looks like property values have decreased a bit
Survivor shanty town complete with large railway bunk room (perhaps turn into a bar?) some shacks and an outhouse 
And a large mostly intact house. 

Buildings are Bachman "Plasticville" O Gauge plastic model railway buildings with added interior detail. Andy supplied the fallout posters while the carpet and wallpaper is from a scrap booking kit. Furniture is Victorian dolls house furniture which is not quite right for the retro 50's look but close enough 

Cars are die cast 1/43 scale but perhaps are a bit *too* rusted? Add a bit more colour maybe?

Overall pretty happy how they came out so far. 



Jamie said...

They look amazing, Jason. Ordering the first wave of my wastelanders on Monday.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Jaime :)

With Andy's NRC and Adams Raiders we will have quite a good mix. I've still to paint figures but want to get the terrain sorted first.

Thoughts on making the large building a Bar? Just need something that looks like bottles

Also - we should probably get some NPC civilians?

bikewrench said...

Bro those look awesome!
Bicycle Korp is in the works.
We can fix your stuff!

Sebastien G said...

Just awesome work.

Jason Holland said...

Cheers :)

Looking forward to your mad bicycle carnival raider types Adam. Should be, well, mad!

The Kiwi said...

Brilliant work. Really good.

Chasseur said...

The whole thing looks fantastic, next post also!

Jason Holland said...

Cheers :)

Just finished a Frosty Boy ice cream stand too...

Next up a Diner because even in a post apocalyptic word you got to eat!