Sunday, July 6, 2014

X-Wing: Target Aquired

Hey Folks,

Long time no post. Recently I've become quite addicted (there is a trend here...) with Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing game. Like most people who play (and there is are a lot in Christchurch) the easy game rules, pretty pre painted models and the chance to make "pew pew" noises is quite appealing. 

I've a modest collection of Wave 1-4 ships for the Imperials and the Rebels but none of the big toys yet. 

I popped round to a work colleagues place for a game today and Steve is one of those guys with everything, including this;

The Tantive IV, a corvette with a whole lot of guns...  Imperials lack huge ships so far so I was going to have to bring some minnows to bring down this whale
Target Acquired. Steve lent me some of his Imperial swarms so I had my Defender (Brath) with a couple his academy TIEs and two TIE bombers, one of whom was Jonus. The Bombers were packing concussion missiles and proton torpedoes while the Brath had concussion missiles as well. The imperial plan revolved around focus firing swarms of ordinance and hoping something sticks...
The bombers bear in with their fighter escorts while the Tantive puts som heavy fire at range that I dodge relatively easily 
But I don't dodge this! A TIE pilot gets too close and crashes into the fore structure, being destroyed instantly! 
Missiles Away! Three concussion missiles rip into the front of the beast and shred the fore shields before heavily damaging the front section. A May have said at this point "We have you now" :) 
So what happened?!

Firstly my iPad died so I couldn't take photos ;) 

I banked left and overshot dropping target locks on the beast as it banked to chase. I then k-turned with the bombers and volleyed off the proton torpedoes that resulted I. The front section being crippled. Meanwhile my other tie had been harrying its flank and got shot down in a hail of quad laser cannon fire while Jonus got smashed by a Turbolaser battery at range. Brath in his Defender had managed to get around behind the beast and start to shred the engines. Alas Brath got too close and the Tantive swung around and swatted him with its rear end (lol) 

I'm sure we got some stuff wrong but it was super fun!

We also played a game prior where Steve ran an upgraded Chewie Falcon and Ibitsim in her B-Wing. I had two Royal Guard Interceptors, a PS1 Defender and a Sigma Squadron Phantom 
A good game. I crashed into the falcon way too much but in the end took it out by ignoring Ibitsim (and getting luck on the evades) and focusing on Chewie before the turret could kill my fragile interceptors. Sigma Squadron Phantoms are nowhere near as cool as Echo with the Advanced Cloaking Device (which I didnt have) but combined with my defender managed to eventually outmanoeuvre the B-Wing and bring her down.

Next up for X-Wing: Pirates!




Andy Tucker said...

Nice one Jas, nice to see the royal guard in action!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy,

Alas they spent most of the game crashing I to chewie!

Good game though. Playing with the tantive was especially cool.